Tipperary hunter killed deer in Wicklow National Park

4 Jun

A Tipperary hunter (Larry Ryan of Piggott’s Cross, Carrick On Suir) who killed a deer in a Wicklow National Park will have the charge against him dismissed if he pays €1,500 to Wicklow SPCA. The unfortunate deer was initially shot in the back by one of Ryan’s hunting guests from Germany. The animal who “went down the valley injured” was followed by the hunters and shot dead. More details in the Wicklow People report below…

Man killed a deer in the national park
Judge orders €1,500 donation to Wicklow SPCA
Wicklow People, 28/05/2016

A Tipperary man who shot a deer in the National Park has been ordered to pay €1,500 to a Co Wicklow animal charity.

Larry Ryan, Piggott’s Cross, Carrick On Suir, Tipperary, was before Wicklow District Court last Tuesday, May 17, to answer a charge of shooting a deer in the National Park at Laragh West on October 10, 2014. The charges were brought by the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.

Ranger Wesley Atkinson has worked in the Wicklow area National Park for 25 years. He was driving along the road on October 10, 2014 when he saw what appeared to be hunters on the ridge line to his left.

He had all his equipment, including binoculars and a camera, allowing him to observe the people. The court heard that Ryan and the other people had permission to hunt on the private lands but not the national park.

They came down the hill into the valley and down to the forest. They left the valley going up to the other side of the mountain.

The ranger liaised with colleagues and approached the group.

A deer had been shot. Ryan had visitors from Germany with him and he was the owner of two guns.

‘He confirmed that what I observed was correct,’ said Mr Atkinson. ‘He agreed with my summary of events.’

Solicitor John Carroll said that his client has always held to permits and regulations and is not involved in any commercial shooting. He said his client was facilitating the German visitors. He said that he had full permission to shoot on adjacent land.

‘One of the Germans with him took a shot and hit a deer which broke and went down the valley injured, having been hit in the back,’ said Mr Carroll. ‘They followed down into the valley thinking that was the correct thing to do.’

Mr Carroll said a guest fired a second shot and missed.

‘My client took the gun, fired a shot and dispatched the deer,’ he said.

Mr Carroll added that a code of conduct obliges hunters to follow and dispatch an animal if it is shot and injured.

Judge David Kennedy adjourned the matter to September 13 for Ryan to pay €1,500 to the Wicklow Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, in which case the charge will be dismissed with the benefit of the Probation Act.



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