Portuguese bullfighting “a sad and outdated custom”

23 Mar


“A sad and outdated custom devoid of valour” – a travel writer’s assessment of bullfighting after a recent visit to an Algarve bullring.

In an article posted last month on HolidayPlace.co.uk, Sasha Wood condemned the cruel activity as a “brutal spectacle”.

“My encounter with Portuguese bullfighting was memorable for all the wrong reasons,” she wrote. “Having given El Toro a miss in Seville and in a misguided effort to understand the spectacle much loved by macho Hemingway, I accepted an invitation to the Portuguese version while I was in Albufeira. It was in a fairly large bullring encircled with concrete tiers raised above the pit that felt a bit like the dusty amphitheatre of an ancient Roman outpost. Indeed, what I found was a sad and outdated custom devoid of valour that reminded me of the final scenes in the film Gladiator when the cowardly emperor secretly stabs a defenceless Maximus before they publicly duel.”

Sasha continued: “Matadors mounted on horses chased the bull about the ring and stabbed short spears decorated in streamers into its hind quarters until the bull was in no shape to pose any threat. Only then did the matadors enter the ring on foot and tease him with red rags. On this occasion, the bull did manage to toss a matador into the air on his stumpy horns, and I felt a slight sense of triumph. But realising how at odds I was with this brutal spectacle, I decided to leave.”

You can read Sasha’s full report at http://holidayplace.co.uk/blogs/posts/115045/portugals-algarve-a-sandy-wonderland

Witness the cruelty of Portugal’s bullfighting in this 1 minute video

If visiting Portugal, Spain, France or other countries that allow bullfighting, please boycott the bullrings.


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