Drag-hunting would save foxes and farmers

22 Mar

Letter to the Editor in the Irish Examiner

Drag-hunting would save foxes and farmers
Irish Examiner, March 22, 2016

Another fox-hunting season has ended and, apart from the suffering inflicted on these beautiful wild dogs, hunts have also been cruel to farmers. The tally-ho brigades continue to encroach on lands that host expensive farm enterprises. Many farmers are eking out a livelihood, and few of them can afford to allow this indiscriminate vandalism of their property.

The excuse offered by hunts is that they merely follow in the fox’s footsteps, and go in the direction of wherever the fox happens to run. A way of avoiding these devastating attacks on farmers would be a switch to drag-hunting.

In addition to providing a humane alternative to the hounding and disembowelling of foxes, this would also enable hunts to avoid lands off-limits by laying a false scent, or trail, accordingly. The hunters could then freely ‘ride to hounds’ without causing havoc to farmers.

John Fitzgerald
Campaign for the Abolition Of Cruel Sports
Callan, Co Kilkenny


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