Pro-bloodsports husband and wife election candidates

9 Feb


Did you know: Husband and wife general election candidates Lucinda Creighton TD and Senator Paul Bradford are both pro-bloodsports.

Last November Lucinda Creighton disgracefully suggested that foxhunting be developed as an Irish tourism product. During a Dail debate, the Renua leader stated: “I think we need to develop a lot more of our tourism industry around the horse equestrian sector generally – be it sport horses, be it the hunting sector, be it racing and so on. A lot of that can be integrated because often it’s the same people who are interested in all the different elements. I think there’s real potential there”. When ICABS expressed shock and disgust at the statement, Lucinda Creighton tweeted “it already is [developed as tourism product]. There’s definitely room for further promotion. Would be a huge boost for neglected rural economy.”

We informed her that, due to the appalling animal cruelty involved, Ireland’s tourism body Failte Ireland, has long since stopped promoting hunting. On its website, the tourism body makes it clear that “blood sports including coursing or hunting are not promoted in any Failte Ireland publications.”

As a Fine Gael TD in 2010, Lucinda Creighton voted against the Bill which banned stag hunting with packs of hounds.

Her husband, Senator Paul Bradford – also a member of Renua – has shamefully expressed support for fox hunting and hare coursing clubs. During a Dail debate in 2010, he said: “It is a given that rural organisations, including hunt and coursing clubs, cannot survive if they do not meet the highest standards of animal husbandry, hygiene and animal feeding propriety. They would not exist if they did not look after these matters with near perfection…If we see such traditions not just as historical but as important for the Ireland of today, we should help them to survive into the future. We should ensure hunting and coursing clubs and other rural organisations such as point-to-point associations remain part of the fabric of rural Ireland.”


In the upcoming general election, please make your vote count for the animals. Reject candidates who support cruelty to animals. Choose candidates who have expressed opposition to bloodsports and a commitment to pushing for a ban. Question election candidates about where they stand on animal cruelty issues before making your voting decisions.

Find out the views of election candidates at

Witness the cruelty of fox hunting and hare coursing at


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