Vixen attacked and killed after “pretending” to be dead

28 Jan

A vixen who “pretended to be dead” in a bid to save her life was brutally attacked and killed by a hunting dog.

According to a disgusting report in hunting magazine, Earth Dog Running Dog, the lurcher dog chased after the fox and was later found standing over her body.

When the Ireland-based hunter caught up with the dog, the vixen was seen stretched out on the ground, apparently dead.

A photograph of the unfortunate vixen shows her lying helplessly on the ground looking up at the lurcher. After an initial attack, a bloody wound is visible on the side of her head.

“I got the camera, took a few shots and congratulated the lurcher while doing so,” the hunter wrote. “As I stood up, the dog turned towards me and the fox got up and ran.”

The lurcher ran after the vixen again and caught her in a briar hedge. The report continued: “the lurcher caught the fox on its back end as it was the only place she could and the fox swung round and got her by the muzzle! Did she scream? You bet she screamed, but neither of the two would give up first.”

When a second hunting dog arrived “baying like a bloodhound”, the lurcher “got a better grip and it was all over, there would be no more pretending to be dead.”

A photograph showing the vixen being attacked can be viewed at

This is one of the many foxes who suffer horrific deaths in the Irish countryside. Their pain and suffering will continue until our government finally outlaws this shameful activity.

Please help push for a ban on this and all bloodsports. Question general election candidates about where they stand on animal cruelty issues and make your vote count for the animals.

Find out the view of election candidates at



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