Green Party to push for bloodsports ban, if in government after 2016 election

18 Dec


The Green Party has pledged to push for bans on hare coursing, foxhunting, fur farming and badger snaring if they form part of the next government. The party’s updated Animal Welfare Policy outlines that “the Green Party is opposed to all blood sports, and will bring in legislation to end hare coursing, fox hunting, hare hunting and mink hunting”.

The party will also “ensure that sufficient resources are made available to enforce existing laws against stag hunting, dog fighting, cock fighting and animal baiting.”

The Greens have also promised to

  • – “ban fur farming of all species”
  • – “end badger-culling by snares and shooting and support alternative measures such as oral TB vaccination” .
  • – Introduce regulations where necessary “to strengthen existing legislation, to increase penalties, and to make fines subject to attachment orders”.
  • – Prohibit the importation of any animals captured in the wild to be sold or kept as pets
  • – Prohibit tail and ear docking of dogs
  • – Ban all non-medical animal experiments, including the use of toxicology experiments on animals for cosmetic botulinum toxin products.
  • – Prohibit the use of painful procedures without anaesthesia; experiments which subject animals to “severe and prolonged pain” will no longer be permitted.
  • – Ban animal acts in circuses and support the re-homing of circus animals. Only circuses which do not use animal acts will be eligible for public funding.

You can read the Animal Welfare Policy document in full at

See a list of the Green Party’s 2016 General Election candidates at



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