Disgust at veterinary surgeon sponsoring cruel hare coursing

13 Nov


A Dundalk-based veterinary surgeon is shamefully sponsoring a hare coursing event this week.

The booklet for the Cavan/Dungannon hare coursing meeting on Friday, Saturday and Sunday features an advert for Ancu Veterinary Hospital. It states that the “Ancu Veterinary Hospital Oaks Trial Stake” is “kindly sponsored by Brian Jones”.

acnu veterinary coursing

The Ancu Veterinary Hospital has branches in Louth, Finglas and Newry. According to its website, veterinary surgeon Brian Jones – a track vet at Dundalk stadium – “has a keen interest in greyhound racing and can regularly be seen at Dundalk race track with his dogs”. Also featured on the site is “our list of coursing stud dogs”.

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports is absolutely disgusted that a veterinary surgeon and veterinary hospital would associate with one of Ireland’s worst forms of cruelty to animals in which hares are terrorised, injured and killed. The hares used as live bait for greyhounds are snatched from the wild, crammed into boxes, kept in captivity for weeks and eventually forced to run for their lives.

At last November’s Cavan/Dungannon coursing meeting, 3 hares were examined by a vet after being hit and/or mauled by greyhounds. Another hare died after it “hit a post while being reboxed for release”.

Coursers from Dungannon travel to Cavan to carry out their bloodsport due to the fact that hare coursing is illegal in Northern Ireland.

ICABS has renewed an appeal to the government to follow the example of Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales and urgently ban hare coursing here.


Contact Brian Jones / Ancu Veterinary Hospital and ask them to stop sponsoring cruel hare coursing.

Mobile: 087 2540999

Tel: 042 9321915 (Louth) or 028 30252000 (Newry)

Email from: http://www.ancuveterinary.com/index.php/contact-us

Leave a comment on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ancu-Veterinary-Clinics/532268906802670


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