Glanbia and Gain Animal Feeds associating with Ireland’s cruel hare coursing

11 Nov

Shame on Glanbia and Gain Animal Feeds for associating with Ireland’s cruel hare coursing.

“Gain dog food dominates at the national [hare coursing] meeting in Clonmel – Congratulations to the six Clonmel Champions for 2015… Six brilliant winners and we salute their owners, trainers and breeders” – a shameful statement currently displayed on the Gain website. It refers to the winning greyhounds at the 3-day coursing crueltyfest in Clonmel where hares were used as live bait for greyhounds to chase.

Gain – owned by dairy company Glanbia (Avonmore, Kilmeaden, Isopure, etc) – produces pet food for cats and dogs as well as feed for greyhounds and horses.

An advert for “Gain Dog Food/Glanbia Agribusiness” appeared in the booklet for the Clonmel coursing meeting in February. Last weekend, a prominent notice in the booklet for a hare coursing meet in Carlow stated: “Co. Carlow Coursing Club wish to thank Gain”.

Listing winning greyhounds at the Irish Coursing Derby as one of its success stories, Gain claims that coursing greyhounds “perform better on Gain than on any other food”.

In a message to the company, ICABS highlighted the animal cruelty involved in hare coursing.

“We are sure the majority of animal lovers who visited the Gain stand at ‘Ireland’s Family Pet Expo’ this month would be horrified to learn of Gain’s association with one of Ireland’s worst forms of cruelty to animals,” we stated.


Call on Gain/Glanbia to stop associating with Ireland’s cruel hare coursing.

Siobhan Talbot
Group Managing Director
Glanbia plc
Ring Road, Kilkenny, Ireland


Tel: +353 56 777 2200

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