Ask to remove bullfighting from online guides

1 Oct

hotel travel childrens activities

Please join us in our appeal to to remove cruel and barbaric bullfighting from its online travel guides.

On its website. HotelTravel…

– recommends “one of the best places in northern Spain to witness a bullfight”,
– tells tourists “you will be able to catch a bullfight as this is bullfighting season”,
– highlights where bullfight tickets may be purchased,
– says that bullfighting “can be an exciting form of entertainment”,
– suggests a visit to a bullfight for those seeking “cultural excitement”,
– tells visitors to Bogota to “catch a bullfight [and] experience the excitement”.

The website also shockingly recommends a trip to a bullfight as an activity for youngsters – in the “children’s activities” section of its Spain page, it presents bullfighting as “a must see for the culture-vulture and their kids”

“Bullfighting is an extremely cruel and violent activity in which bulls are terrorised, tortured and killed,” ICABS stated in an email to the company. “By suggesting tourists visit bullfights, you are helping to fill seats in the blood-soaked bullrings. Please show compassion and stop including cruel and barbaric bullfighting in your online travel guides.”


Contact now and urge them to remove all references to bullfighting from their online travel guides.
27/180 Chok Thip Villa,
Moo 8, Chao Fa Rd, Chalong
Phuket, Thailand 83130

Tweet: @HotelTravel Please remove cruel and barbaric bullfighting from your online travel guides

Tel: +66-76-282-808 -Thailand
Tel: +1-646-360-1678 – United States and Canada
Te: +44-845-528-0496 – United Kingdom
Tel: +61-289-994-263 – Australia and New Zealand

Please sign and share our petitions

Spanish Tourism – Stop promoting cruel bullfighting

Stop selling bullfighting tickets

“Ticketmaster: Stop selling bullfighting tickets” Stop publicising cruel bullfighting events

Fodors Travel Guides: Stop directing tourists to bullrings


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