Nursing home connected to cruel hare coursing

23 Sep

Lystoll Lodge Nursing Home

A nursing home in County Kerry is connected to hare coursing, ICABS can reveal.

Details of this weekend’s Kilflynn coursing meeting, include references to “Lystoll Lodge Nursing Home 3 Course Duffer” and “Lystoll Lodge Nursing Home 3 Course, All-Age Bitch Stake”.

The references to the nursing home appear on the Irish Coursing Club website beneath a disturbing image of a hare running for his life in front of a greyhound.

In an email to the management of the Listowel nursing home, ICABS expressed disappointment at its association with “an activity which causes fear, stress, suffering, injury and death to defenceless creatures.”

“Nursing homes should exclusively embrace compassion and firmly reject any form of cruelty,” we stated, pointing out that coursing is based on forcefully removing hares from their natural habitat and using them as live bait for dogs. “We urge you to show mercy for the hares running for their lives and disassociate from this shameful activity.”

We highlighted the suffering and death caused to hares during Kilflynn coursing meets. These include hares hit and killed by greyhounds, hares dying of so-called “natural causes” and hares put down due to the severity of their injuries. At one meeting, hares were also found to be “sick or otherwise unfit after the coursing event”.

Lystoll Lodge is a member of Nursing Homes Ireland. It provides long-term residential/continuing care and short-term convalescent and respite care.


Join us in urging Lystoll Lodge Nursing Home to disassociate from cruel hare coursing.

Johanna Horgan
Lystoll Lodge Nursing Home
Co. Kerry

Tel: 068 24248


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