Travel Channel removes bullfighting from “Why We Love the Spanish” gallery

15 Sep


Travel Channel removes bullfighting from “Why We Love the Spanish” gallery

The Travel Channel has responded to an Irish Council Against Blood Sports appeal and removed bullfighting from its “Why We Love the Spanish” gallery.

The online slideshow featured an image of a matador waving a red cape at an injured, bleeding bull. The caption beneath the image stated: “We love the spectacle of a bullfight” and “We enjoy sitting on the edge of our seat to watch a traditional bullfight”.

In an email to the Travel Channel, ICABS highlighted the cruelty involved in bullfighting and the fact that many tourists lured in to watch bullfights are left feeling disgusted and upset at the bloody violence.

“In promoting bullfighting, the Travel Channel is very much out of step with public opinion on bullfighting,” we stated. “Millions in Spain and around Europe and the world are opposed to bullfighting and want it banned. Opinion polls have shown that most Spanish people have no interest in bullfighting.”

We also pointed out that more and more travel companies are disassociating from bullfighting – including the UK’s largest travel association, ABTA, which now considers bullfighting and bullrunning to be “unacceptable practices”. ABTA tells its members not to promote them.

While we welcome this positive response from the Travel Channel, it must be noted that other bullfighting related content remains on its website.

This includes:

A list of “Spain’s Best Bullfighting Rings”

“You won’t want to miss bullfights…when you visit this vibrant Spanish region”

Get the quintessential Spanish experience in Seville, where you’ll find flamenco and bullfighting

Don’t miss the encierro, or bull run

Every year from July 6-14, all eyes are on the city of Pamplona, Spain, which comes alive with the Festival of San Fermin — made famous by the annual running of the bulls


Thank the Travel Channel for removing bullfighting from its “Why We Love the Spanish” gallery. Encourage the company to remove all pro-bullfighting/bullrunning content from its website.

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