Help keep illegal glue traps out of Ireland

29 Aug


Glue traps for rodents are illegal in Ireland. Please help keep these cruel and inhumane traps out of the country. Visit your local hardware stores, discount shops, pet supply outlets, builder provider stores, etc to make sure that these illegal traps are not being sold. If you spot glue traps (also known as glue boards) for sale, please contact ICABS immediately with the details and we will pass them on to the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Also, if you are aware of any company using glue traps, please get in touch with us now.

Glue traps are designed to catch mice and rats in a sticky base where they will suffer a slow, lingering death. Rodents caught in the traps frantically struggle to free themselves by pulling out their hair or biting off their own limbs. If they don’t die from these injuries or from suffocation due to their faces becoming stuck in the glue, they spend days dying from starvation and dehydration. Veterinary surgeons who have condemned the traps have confirmed that “there is much suffering by the entrapped animals – it is not a sudden or merciful death…Because all mammals have similar nervous systems, they are capable of experiencing the same type of pain and suffering.”

In the past, ICABS has reported numerous shops selling the traps and our efforts have led to their removal from sale in a number of retail outlets. Help us to ensure that glue traps remain off shop shelves.

Find out about other illegal traps in Ireland, e.g. Nooski traps, electronic traps, gin traps, etc


Appeal to the UK government to follow Ireland’s example and urgently introduce a ban on glue traps.

Please write now to:

Minister of State
Department of Environment, Farm and Rural Affairs
Nobel House, 17 Smith Square
London SW1P 3JA


Sign a petition: European Parliament, ban glue traps from Europe

Appeal to Amazon to stop allowing the sale of glue traps on its website.

Email from: website
Tel: 0800 496 1081 or +44 (0)207 084 7911 (UK)

Email from: website
Tel: 00 1-206-266-2992 (USA)

(If you have time, please compose your own personal letter. Otherwise, feel free to send the short sample letter below)

Dear Amazon,

I am writing to urge you to please show compassion and stop the sale of glue traps from your websites. Glue traps are incredibly cruel and cause much suffering to trapped creatures.

Thank you. I look forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely,


Section 42(f) of the Wildlife (Amendment) Act, 2000

“Any person who imports into the State from outside the European Union, or has in his possession other than pursuant to, and in accordance with, a licence granted by the Minister in that behalf, or who in the course of his trade or business sells or offers for sale a trap, snare or net which pursuant to subsection (4) of this section is for the time being declared by the Minister to be a trap, snare or net to which this subsection applies shall be guilty of an offence.”

Glue trap cruelty: Quotes

“We are opposed to the manufacture, sale and use of any trap that causes suffering to animals, and are concerned about the use of glue traps against rodents because of the suffering they cause.” – RSPCA quoted in the Daily Mail, 3 August 2010.

“I walked in on a desperate, terrified mouse glued to the trap, struggling hopelessly for its life. Its legs were going as fast as they possibly could. And the harder it tried to escape, the more stuck it became. Its terror multiplied tenfold when it saw me…I never forgot that experience and I’ve been bitterly opposed to the sale and manufacture of glue traps ever since.” (from an article by George Shea, The Pet Gazette, October 2005)

“A 1983 test that evaluated the effectiveness of glue traps found that trapped mice struggling to free themselves would pull out their own hair, exposing bare, raw areas of skin. The mice broke or even bit off their own legs, and the glue caused their eyes to become badly irritated and scarred. After three to five hours in the glue traps, the mice defecated and urinated heavily because of their severe stress and fear, and quickly became covered with their own excrement. Animals whose faces become stuck in the glue slowly suffocate, and all trapped animals are subject to starvation and dehydration. It takes anywhere from three to five days for the mouse to finally die. This is nothing less than torture.” (from the “In Defense of Animals (USA)” website)

“I received a phone call from an upset woman who found a mouse stuck in a glue trap…She handed me the glue trap, with the small, frail mouse’s tiny feet and his bony body hopelessly stuck to the ghastly contraption. Some of his foot had been torn off (from struggling to free himself from the glue). One entire side of his face was stuck to the glue board. He was having difficulty breathing. It appeared that this poor mouse had been lingering in agony, stuck to this trap for days and was dehydrated, perhaps dying.” (Animals In Print Newsletter)

Health risks associated with glue traps

“We do not recommend using glue traps or live traps. These traps can scare mice that are caught live and cause them to urinate. Since their urine may contain germs, this may increase your risk of being exposed to diseases.” US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

“Even though they’re widely sold at many retailers, glue traps aren’t safe for consumers, either. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Health Canada caution against their use because animals who are trapped on these devices often void their bowels, potentially exposing anyone who handles the traps to hantavirus—a virus that can be fatal to humans.” from the PETA website.

“Manufacturers claim that glue boards are non-toxic, but there are causes for concern: Urine and feces from animals caught in glue boards can be a health concern. Handling a glue board in which a live animal is stuck exposes a person to the risk of being bitten.” Humane Society of the United States.


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