Success: Easons putting graphic hunting magazines out of reach of children

30 Jul


The Irish Council Against Blood Sports has thanked Easons for responding positively to our appeal and acting to move graphic hunting publications out of the reach of children.

In an email to ICABS, Easons Head of Marketing, Brendan Corbett stated: “We are currently in the process of moving such titles from our bottom shelves to shelving at a height out of reach for children. We will also set up a prompt at our cash registers that ask anyone purchasing such titles whether they are over 18 (as per anyone purchasing cigarettes).”

A big thumbs up to Easons for this tremendous response.

In an appeal to the company earlier this year, we expressed concerns about the bottom shelf placement of publications containing very graphic and violent images.

“Often these publications present images of dogs or wildlife on the covers, which could entice unsuspecting children to open and look through them,” we pointed out. “The horrific images inside – including bloodied carcasses of foxes, deer and birds hunted to their deaths – could prove very upsetting and traumatic.”

“These offensive publications glorifying violence and killing should not be accessible to minors,” we stressed, urging the company to move them to the top shelf or behind the counter and avoid selling them to under 18s.

Our petition urging Easons to act was signed by more than 1,000 people. A big thank you to everyone who signed!


Please contact Easons and thank the company for its positive response.

Conor Whelan,
Managing Director,
Eason & Son Ltd
40 Lower O Connell Street,
Dublin 1
Phone: +353 (0) 1 858 3800
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