Gull cull senators are bloodsports supporters

21 Jul

seagull senators

The senators calling for a seagull cull are bloodsports supporters, ICABS can reveal.

Fianna Fail Senator Denis O’Donovan declared this week that the birds are “a nuisance and a pest” and should be killed.

“We should consider a cull of these vicious seabirds that are invading our towns,” he said, bizarrely comparing the creatures to “rabbits with Myxomatosis or a cow with mad cow disease”.

In 2010, O’Donovan voted against the Dog Breeding Establishments Bill after “meeting more than 150 people involved in coursing and gun clubs”.

Kerry Senator, Paul Coghlan has backed O’Donovan’s calls for seagulls to be killed. He too is a supporter of bloodsports.

The Fine Gael politician is on record as saying that cruel hare coursing is “well regulated”. Back in 2010, he also made it clear that he was “completely opposed” to the ban on stag hunting. Quoted in the Irish Times, he said: “It is a legitimate and worthwhile country pursuit. I cannot discern where cruelty is involved.”

Also demonising seagulls in the Seanad this week was the Labour Party’s Denis Landy – “I have a Jack Russell at home and I hope to God the seagulls do not get him because apparently they have killed terriers across England already,” he said.

Landy was slammed earlier this year for praising the organisers of Clonmel’s coursing cruelty festival and describing the chasing of live hares with greyhounds as “fantastic sport”. Speaking in Seanad Eireann, he stated: “I congratulate and commend all those involved in the running of the 90th national coursing meeting in Clonmel”


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