Virtual Barbarity: Oculus urged to scrap Bullfighter film

18 Jul

oculus bullfighting copy


Virtual reality company, Oculus, is being urged to scrap plans to use a bullfighting film to showcase the capabilities of its new headset display.

The Californian company is to launch a series of short films to demonstrate the immersiveness of VR. Incredibly, one of the films chooses animal cruelty as a theme. Entitled Bullfighter, it aims to place viewers in a virtual arena to experience what it’s like to be a matador.

“What would it be like to be in an arena with the matador and the bull as they’re sparring?” Oculus Story Studio Director Max Planck says in a promo video for the film. “Adrenaline is pumping, you tend to only remember the details you need to know and everything else goes fuzzy around you. We’re going to embrace that.”

“With ‘Bullfighter’, it’s truly feeling present in a scary situation of being in a bullfighting arena,” adds Oculus Creative Director Saschka Unseld. See Video.

It’s unreal that a modern technology company would consider it appropriate to present what happens in a bullring as entertainment.

The reality is that bullfighting is a shocking and disgusting act of animal abuse. It involves the slow torture to death of a bull. The animal is stabbed with a long, sharp lance before hooked spears are forcefully driven into his neck muscles. In pain, disorientated and weak with blood loss, the bull is finally killed with a sword through the heart. If the sword misses the heart and punctures the lungs, the bull will drown in its own blood. As trophies for the merciless matador, the bull’s ears and tail are cut off (sometimes while the animal is still alive).

In a message to Oculus, the Irish Council Against Blood Sports condemned its Bullfighter project as “virtual barbarity” and urged it to drop the idea and disassociate from the bloodsport.


Contact Oculus and tell them that it’s offensive and unacceptable to present cruel bullfighting as entertainment.

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