Ask Stoke Travel to stop organising trips to cruel Pamplona bullrun

3 Jul

Resize of Pamplona start

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports is urging Stoke Travel to stop organising trips from London to the cruel Pamplona bullrun.

“This event involves cruelty and killing,” we stated in an appeal to the Barcelona-based company. “During the bullrun, the taunted bulls are at risk of suffering painful bruises/broken bones from slipping on the streets. Electric shock prods and sticks may also be used to prompt the animals to run. After the bullrun, all the bulls are brutally tortured to death in the local bullring.”

We also pointed out the severe danger to those participating (with over a dozen human fatalities recorded to-date), saying it is most inappropriate for a travel company to bring tourists to such an event.


Please join us in urging Stoke Travel to show compassion for the animals and remove bullrunning/bullfighting from its itineraries.

Tweet to: @StokeTravel
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Tel: +34 931 067 942 (Spain)

VIDEO: The hideous cruelty of the Pamplona bullrun / bullfighting
(Narrated by Emmerdale actress, Gemma Atkinson)


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