Call to ban foxhunting in European Union

24 Jun

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Call to ban foxhunting in European Union
Letter to the Editor, Westmeath Topic, 25 June 2015

Dear Editor,

A petition on the Care 2 website calls on the European Parliament and Commission to ban fox hunting throughout the European Union. The petition is worthy of our support, because Ireland permits this cruel and indefensible bloodsport. It serves no purpose, apart from giving pleasure to riders and hunt followers, while causing immense suffering to the animals.

Fox hunting has nothing to do with pest control, and hunts ensure a plentiful supply of foxes for the next season. Instead of seeking the quickest, most humane means of dispatching a fox, the hunt will pursue each animal for miles, until its lungs give out and exhaustion delivers it to the pack to be torn apart. If the fox goes to ground, it is dug out and thrown to the waiting pack.

I hope that Irish citizens who back the protection of our wildlife heritage will sign the Care 2 petition. Current EU legislation allows member states to draft their own laws in relation to blood sports. The petition calls for a legally binding EU-wide prohibition on fox hunting.

If this can be achieved, other cruel practices, such as bull fighting and hare coursing, may follow it into the dustbin of history.

John Fitzgerald,
Callan, Co Kilkenny

Please sign and share the petition : Ask the European Parliament to outlaw Fox hunting with dogs in Europe


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