Urge Donedeal to reject adverts for real fur

13 May


Classified ads website, Donedeal, is continuing to accept ads for real fur. Adverts on the site have included garments containing the fur of foxes, seals, rabbits, minks, squirrels, chinchillas, muskrats and raccoons.

The company’s policy on fur is that it does not accept ads for new fur but will accept ads for second-hand fur as “we believe that it is preferable to purchase a second hand or vintage item of this nature rather than purchase new.”

However, in an appeal to the company, ICABS pointed out that second-hand fur was once new fur and that all fur is based on cruelly confining and killing animals. We also stated that the buying and selling of second-hand fur stimulates the fur trade.

Animals in the fur industry suffer a life of misery in cages before being gassed to death or anally electrocuted.

To its shame, Ireland continues to be a part of the global fur industry with an estimated 200,000 mink killed on fur farms here every year. The animals are pulled from the filthy cages after six months of permanent captivity, thrown into a box and poisoned to death with carbon monoxide gas. Mink are semi-aquatic and highly evolved physiologically to hold their breath. They are able to detect a lack of oxygen in their blood and are prone to hypoxia, which means that they can suffer particularly during gassing.

Witness the cruelty of fur farming in Ireland

action alert

Appeal to Donedeal to prohibit all ads for items containing real fur. Email “Donedeal – Please reject adverts for real fur” to hello@donedeal.ie

Sign anti-fur petitions

Ban fur farming in Ireland

EU: ban fur farming in the European Union



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