UK garden company asked to stop selling cruel glue traps

15 Apr

UK garden products retailer, Primrose, is being urged to stop selling glue traps.

On its website, Primrose is listing the traps which have been condemened by the RSPCA as “cruel and indiscriminate”.

Glue traps are designed to catch mice and rats in a sticky base where they will typically suffer a slow, lingering death. Rodents caught in the traps frantically struggle to free themselves by pulling out their hair or biting off their own limbs. If they don’t die from these injuries or from suffocation due to their faces becoming stuck in the glue, they spend days dying from starvation and dehydration.

Veterinary surgeons who have condemned the traps have confirmed that “there is much suffering by the entrapped animals – it is not a sudden or merciful death…Because all mammals have similar nervous systems, they are capable of experiencing the same type of pain and suffering.”

Glue traps are illegal in Ireland but remain legal in the UK.

Victims have included not only mice and rats but also cats, squirrels, frogs, snakes and birds.

“We fervently hope that Primrose will show compassion and urgently remove glue traps from your site – as other UK companies have already done,” ICABS stated in an email to the company.

Video: A mouse desperately struggling in a glue trap


Sign the petition – Primrose: Stop selling extremely cruel glue traps

Appeal to Primrose to stop selling cruel glue traps.

Ian Charles
Managing Director
44 Portman Road, Reading, RG30 1EA

Tel: 01189 035 210 Fax: 01189 035 219
Tweet to: @PrimroseUK
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A mouse stuck to a glue trap. These inhumane traps are illegal in Ireland under the Wildlife Act (Approved Traps, Snares and Nets) Regulations 2003 but sadly remain legal in the UK. (Photo: PETA)


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