EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan vows to ignore 500 text messages

31 Mar

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EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan has vowed to ignore hundreds of text messages he received in relation to animal cruelty

The has reported that the former Fine Gael TD for Carlow-Kilkenny, told a representative of Compassion in World Farming that he was disregarding the texts from concerned members of the public –

Speaking at a conference in Brussels earlier this month, Commissioner Hogan told Olga Kikou that he would not be “bullied by 500 text messages I’ve got on my phone during the course of the day on animal farming and animal welfare issues”.

“If you think that will work with me you can certainly forget about it,” he said. “That’s a campaigning tool that should be well gotten rid of at this stage.”

CIWF was pressing Hogan to address the issue of cruelty to animals exported out of the EU to countries in the Middle Wast. The organisation has previously reported that cows exported from Ireland to Libya are “beaten, stabbed, dragged by the eye sockets”.

Reacting to Hogan’s response, CIWF CEO Philip Lymbery stated: “Phil Hogan is ‘in favour’ of live exports despite great suffering to animals involved”.

As a TD and Environment Minister, Hogan has previously defended Ireland’s cruel bloodsports. He shamefully presented a trophy at a hare coursing meeting and praised hunting animals with packs of dogs as playing “an important cultural and economic role in rural Ireland”.


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