Disturbing Westmeath Foxhunt video emerges

11 Mar

A disturbing video showing the Westmeath Foxhunt in action at the end of last month has emerged.

The video, filmed in Dysart Mullingar, provides an insight into the deplorable attitude hunters hold towards animals. At the beginning of the video, one of the hunters can be heard calling his horse a c***.

In another scene, a female rider whips her horse 5 times in quick succession (see 03:00 minute mark)

The video which was posted on Facebook and shared on the Westmeath Foxhunt’s page, shows mounted hunters forcing horses to jump a wide and difficult ditch. The animals are clearly reluctant to jump and several land awkwardly and dangerously. In one upsetting scene, a horse can be seen landing on his front leg and tumbling backwards into the ditch (see 3 minute 25 second mark).

There has been much negative comments left in response to the video, including: “This made me sick…especially when the horse ended up in the ditch at the end”, “I don’t know much about horses but clearly none of them were very keen on jumping that ditch. People shouldn’t do that”, “Can’t stand seeing this! Poor horses”, “Can’t watch any more”, “unnecessary, pointless and stupid”.

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports has brought the video to the attention of Loreto College Mullingar as part of a renewed appeal to management to disassociate from a Westmeath Foxhunt-organised “charity ride” fundraiser planned for this weekend.

“We are sure that the vast majority of students and staff at Loreto would find this treatment of horses and the use of such vulgar language to be obscene and unacceptable,” we stated in a message to Loreto College principal, Marese Bell. “We are confident that most would also abhor the cruelty to wildlife perpetrated by foxhunts. Are these the type of people Loreto College Mullingar management is happy to associate with for a fundraiser?”


Urge Loreto College to disassociate from the Westmeath Foxhunt and instead organise an alternative fundraiser which is compatible with the institution’s image and values.

Email “Loreto College – Please reject cruel foxhunt’s fundraiser” to loretooffice@eircom.net,loretoeducationcentre@eircom.net

Phone +353 (0} 44 93 42055.

Sign the Petition: Loreto College Mullingar – Please reject foxhunt’s fundraiser


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