Labour senator shamefully commends cruel coursers

18 Feb


A Labour Party senator has shamefully praised the organisers of the recent hare coursing cruelty festival in Clonmel and described the chasing of live hares with greyhounds as “fantastic sport”.

Speaking in Seanad Eireann on 12th February, Senator Denis Landy stated: “I congratulate and commend all those involved in the running of the 90th national coursing meeting in Clonmel”

Most people recognise that netting hares from the wild and using them as live bait for greyhounds is contemptible animal cruelty but Senator Landy sees it differently. Rather than condemning those involved, the Tipperary politician chose to “commend those involved in hare husbandry” before adding that “fantastic crowds turned out and fantastic sport was to be seen.” On his Labour Party profile page, Landy describes himself as “a great lover of the outdoor life and in all field sports”.

Senator Landy’s stance on this animal cruelty issue is all the more reprehensible, given the fact that he is a Labour Party spokesperson on environment and sport.

In a complaint to the Labour Party, ICABS stated: “The coursing meeting which Senator Landy considers worthy of praise is the culmination of a season of animal cruelty which sees hares being forcefully netted from the wild, thrown into boxes, kept in captivity for weeks/months and eventually forced to run for their lives in front of greyhounds. Sickening photographs taken at the Clonmel event, showing hares desperately trying to escape from the dogs have drawn international condemnation.”

“We find it disgraceful that an individual acting as a Labour Party spokesperson on environment and sport deems it appropriate to defend one of Ireland’s worst forms of animal cruelty,” we added. “We call on the Labour Party to clarify its stance on hare coursing and to urge Senator Landy to stop defending an activity which most Irish people want made illegal (as it already is in all our neighbouring jurisdictions).”


Make a complaint to Senator Landy and the Labour Party about this pro-bloodsprots statement. Tell Senator Landy that he should condemn, not commend, cruel hare coursers.

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