Over 28,000 sign petition for a ban on Ireland’s cruel coursing

12 Feb


28,369 from all over the world have signed a petition calling for a ban on Ireland’s cruel hare coursing.

The Animal Rescue Site petition, aimed at Ministers Simon Coveney and Heather Humphreys, states “hare coursing is cruel and inhumane, and causes needless death and injury to countless hares per year in Ireland.”

“Hare coursing is an atrocious and inhumane practice that is still taking place in Ireland today. Hare coursing involves capturing wild hares and letting them loose again in an enclosed area to be chased and terrorized by dogs,” the introduction to the petition outlines. “There is simply no good reason the hares should have to endure this kind of torture and terror.”

Among the comments being left by those who have signed are:

– Unbelievable that this is being done with live animals. There is no need, and it makes me not want to visit Ireland ever
– This cruel blood sport should be banned outright. The Irish hare is an endangered species.
– Outrageous, barbaric and incredibly cruel. Stop it now please
– We’re a supposedly civilised country. This coursing must stop
– I don’t understand how Ms Humphreys could justify her support for the “sport”. Time for a ban
– No words for this horrible act
– This is barbaric, primitive behaviour

Please add your name to the petition now at

In England, where hare coursing is illegal, coursers are pursued by police and convicted in court. And their cars are crushed! This month in Cambridgeshire, a court ordered two cars owned by coursers to be crushed. Watch the Cambridgeshire Police video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tdJD1GJ-_c#t=126

In stark contrast, here in Ireland, where coursing is shamefully allowed to continue, Gardai direct traffic at coursing venues.


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