Matthew McConaughey co-owns ranch where deer are blasted to death

4 Feb

UPDATE: Matthew McConaughey Distances Himself from Hunting Ranch that Listed Him as “Co-Owner” & “Staff” Member Thank you to everyone who contacted Matthew McConaughey following our February 3rd action alert.


It has emerged that actor Matthew McConaughey is co-owner of a Texas ranch which proudly proclaims on its website that “[we] pride ourselves with our whitetail deer hunts”

Disturbing photos on the LP Ranch website show men and children posing next to deer blasted to death on the ranch.

The animals are said to be from a “young deer herd” and are fed and managed within a fenced off area before hunters come in and gun them down.

As the life drains from the deer, the hunters can look forward to relaxing in the LP Ranch’s tavern accommodation which includes central heating, air conditioning, satellite TV, surround sound entertainment centre and a commercial kitchen. “After the hunt, our guests can feel assured to eat some great meals and relax in all out comfort with room to spread out,” the website states.

Matthew McConaughey is the star of movies such as A Time to Kill, The Wolf of Wall Street and Dallas Buyers Club as well as TV’s True Detective. His association with a hunting ranch will prove particularly disappointing to fans as he had previously been perceived as an animal lover. It was reported that he rescued pets stranded after the Hurricane Katrina flooding and also saved a cat from youths who were threatening to set the animal on fire.


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