Politician urged to join calls for end to hare coursing in town park

14 Jan

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports is appealing to Millstreet-based TD, Aine Collins, to join calls for an end to cruel hare coursing in the town park.

The park’s football and hurling pitch was this month used as a venue for coursing, in which hares – cruelly snatched from the wild and kept captive for weeks on end – are used as live bait for greyhounds. ICABS monitors present at the park witnessed hares desperately running for their lives.

Petitions calling for an end to cruel hare coursing in Millstreet Town Park have been signed by thousands of people in Ireland and around the world.

The calls to Millstreet Town Park Committee are being supported by locals who are not only opposed to the cruelty but who strongly object to a large portion of their park being taken over by coursers in the weeks leading up to the meeting. There are also fears locally that the hosting of animal cruelty in the town park damages Millstreet’s tourism potential.

“The hosting of this animal cruelty in Millstreet town park represents a major black mark against a town that has so many positive attractions and associations,” we stated in an email in Deputy Collins. “Hare coursing subjects these delicate, timid creatures to an appalling ordeal. They are torn from their habitats in nets, manhandled into crates, kept in captivity for weeks/months and finally forced to run for their lives in front of pairs of greyhounds.”

“It reflects poorly on Millstreet that this internationally condemned cruelty has been allowed to take place in your town,” we added.


Join our appeal to Aine Collins TD to speak out against hare coursing in Millstreet and back calls for an end to cruelty in the town park.

Deputy Aine Collins
Email: aine.collins@oir.ie
Telephone: 01-6183873 or (029) 71845
Mobile: 086 4137615
Fax: 01-6184522
Twitter: @AineCollinsTD

Leave a comment on Facebook: www.facebook.com/aine.collins.fg

Sign the petitions:

Stop cruel hare coursing in Millstreet Town Park

Stop Live Hare Coursing 2-Day Event In Millstreet Public Town Park, County Cork


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