City Discovery urged to drop bullfighting from tour

17 Dec

screenshot-www city-discovery com 2014-12-17 15-25-15

City Discovery is being urged to drop a visit to a bullring from its Madrid tour.

On its website, the travel company invites visitors to the Spanish capital to “feel the adrenalin with a visit to Las Ventas, to witness an iconic Spanish tradition: the Bullfight!”

“Bullfighting involves horrendous animal cruelty and many tourists lured in to bullrings are shocked and disgusted to witness animals being mercilessly tortured and killed,” the Irish Council Against Blood Sports stated in a message to the company.


Please join us in our appeal to City Discovery to remove cruel bullfighting from its Madrid tour  

Email: or send an message from
Leave a coment on Facebook
Tweet “Please remove bullfighting from your Madrid tour” to @CityDiscovery
Tel: +1 866-988-8687 (USA) or +44 20 7193 8320 (UK)

Crying tourist after witnessing a bullfight: “The most terrible thing I’ve ever seen”


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