Bullfighting is distasteful and disgusting: Revd Canon Patrick Comerford

17 Dec


An Anglican priest and canon of Dublin’s Christchurch Cathedral has condemned bullfighting as “distasteful and disgusting”.

Stressing that he has never been to a bullfight and has no intention of ever doing so, Revd Canon Patrick Comerford wrote: “It just goes beyond my capacity for understanding to try to grasp why hundreds or even thousands of people could imagine it is enjoyable to spend an evening watching an animal being prodded, goaded and tortured by people for fun before it finally killed cruelly to applause. It is even worse to consider that bulls are bred especially for this single purpose.”

In a blog post, Canon Comerford denounced bullfighting as “cruel and inhumane” and declared that it “has no place in a civilised European society”.

“It is not a sport,” he commented. “It is not as though the matador and the bull are battling like Chelsea and Ateltico Madrid last night to go into the next round. There is never a draw, one must die, and that almost always, perhaps inevitably, means the bull, who has no choice about being in the ring.”

The vegetarian pacifist and former journalist, who also serves as Adjunct Assistant Professor in Trinity College, added: “Bullfighting is already banned in Catalonia and on the Canary Islands. Hopefully, the other parts of Spain will follow suite, and soon.”

You can read Canon Comerford’s full article at


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