Stop EU bullfighting subsidies: Nessa Childers MEP

27 Nov


Stop EU subsidies for farmers breeding and raising bulls for use in bullfighting: Nessa Childers MEP
Statement on the website of Nessa Childers MEP, 22nd Oct 2014

The MEP was speaking in Strasbourg following on a vote on the on the new budget for 2015, including European agricultural subsidies. “I voted for the roll-call amendment to the budget to end these subsidies for bullfighting. However I am extremely disappointed that MEPs voted down the amendment, missing the opportunity to send out a strong message on animal welfare.

“We cannot continue to pay lip service to the European Convention for the protection of animals kept for farming, which clearly states animals should not suffer pain, injury, fear or distress. Farmers who breed and raise bulls for bullfighting do not comply with those conditions and should not be eligible for agricultural subsidies.

“Despite this rejection today, I am calling on Mr. Juncker and his new commission to urgently seek measures to assist these farmers to move away from this trade in breeding bulls for fighting.


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