Spanish blood fiesta horrors

27 Nov

The horror of Spanish blood fiestas in which bulls are brutally tortured and killed.

1. From 21 to 30 September in Algemesi, a hundred baby bulls are dragged away from their mothers to be tortured by groups of young men.

2. In mid-August, in a village called Villalpando Zamora, they celebrate the festival of San Roque. On the last Sunday, three bulls are let out in the field and are beaten. Participants come with quads, motorcycles, tractors with trailers, on horseback or on foot. Vehicles just drive over the exhausted bulls for the fun of the crowd.

3. Toros de Fuego o Embolados – The Toro de Fuego occurs annually every November in many villages. The bulls are tied up and poked at before the race starts, and then their horns are lit on fire, sometimes with fireworks. The fire burns everything on the bulls’ faces and renders all of them blind. These bulls run into walls and stumble over things just to entertain people. After hours of torture, the bulls all die and their bodies are cut apart and distributed amongst the participants. Sometimes the bulls are burnt to death.

4. Bous a la mar. Bulls are tortured till they jump in the water to escape. Some drown.

5. During one fiesta, a pregnant cow gave birth to its calf while being stabbed during the festival.

6. On August 25th in Peñalsordo, Extremadura, Spain, six young cows are tortured to death, four in the makeshift plaza and two released to be tormented in the streets This is all witnessed by children.

7. Toro de la Vega – Tordesillas – There 100 or more men armed with long, medieval lances stab the animal for up to an hour until, bleeding profusely and riddled with holes, he can stand no more. As he collapses someone sticks a dagger into his neck then cuts off his testicles while he is still alive.

8. “Fiesta de San Juan” in Coria, a bull is made to walk for several hours while being tortured with darts directed specifically at his eyes, nose and testicles. Several hooked spears are then plunged in and out of his flesh and when he finally collapses from the blood loss, his testicles are cut off.


Contact the Spanish Ambassador to Ireland to register your opposition to blood fiestas and bullfighting. Express your desire to see this barbarity banned throughout all of Spain.

The Spanish Ambassador to Ireland
Embassy of Spain
17A Merlyn Park, Dublin 4.

Tel 1: +353 (0)1 2691640
Tel 2: +353 (0)1 2692597
Fax: +353 (0)1 269 1854


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