“My hope is that they get bored and move their focus”

27 Nov

my hope is that they'll get bored

“The anti coursing lobby show no sign of relenting across social networks. My hope is that they get bored and move their focus onto some other poor unsuspectings. We’ll see.” The words of the administrator of a Millstreet website after receiving messages from all around the world, calling for an end to the hosting of cruel hare coursing in Millstreet town park.

The administrator, who maintains that “coursing will go on in town”, says that “the message from the anti coursing groups grew louder and louder on social networks (I was hoping my delete button wouldn’t break)”.

A petition launched by the Irish Council Against Blood Sports has so far been signed by over 1,000 people from Ireland and around the world.

The petition is are gaining more support each day so clearly people are not going to “get bored and move their focus” until Millstreet recognises the inappropriateness of hosting animal cruelty in its town park and the threat it poses to the town’s valuable image as an attractive tourist destination.

Please sign and share the petition and respond to the action alert below



Send a tweet: @millstreet_town I support an end to cruel hare coursing in Millstreet Town Park

Leave a comment on the MIllstreet Facebook page

Urge Millstreet-based TD, Aine Collins, to act to end cruel hare coursing in Millstreet Town Park

Aine Collins TD
Clara Business Centre.
Main Street, Millstreet, Co. Cork
Telephone: 029-71845
Fax: 029-71845
Email: aine.collins@oir.ie


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