Enda Kenny’s views on cruel bloodsports

21 Nov

Interview with Irish Council Against Blood Sports Spokesperson Aideen Yourell. Tommy Marren Show, Midwest Radio, 21st November 2014. http://www.midwestradio.ie


Tell Enda Kenny to outlaw Ireland’s cruel foxhunting and hare coursing

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Enda Kenny, TD and bloodsports:

“I am opposed to the practice of live hare coursing.” (from an email to ICABS, July 2003)

In 2011, Fine Gael dismissed a suggestion by Meath TD, Shane McEntee, that the Ward Union stag hunt would be back. A spokesperson for Enda Kenny made it clear that “there is no such commitment in the Programme for Government” and that the Taoiseach “would not resile from what’s in the Programme for Government.”

A statement issued by shooting organisation, NARGC, claims that “Enda Kenny gave a solemn commitment to all the hunting associations, when he met them on April 20th 2005 in the offices of the Irish Coursing Club in Clonmel, that Fine Gael would not in government agree to the introduction of restrictions or bans on hunting.” In a letter to the Fine Gael leader, ICABS queried the claim and stated that if it was accurate, it was extremely disappointing to those campaigning against animal cruelty all across Ireland. We also conveyed our sadness at the claim that a meeting took place at the offices of the Irish Coursing Club. We reminded Mr Kenny that he confirmed to us in July 2003 that he is “opposed to the practice of live hare coursing”. from ICABS website, March 2007.


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