Death of anti-bloodsports politician Jack Fitzsimons

18 Nov

Jack Fitzsimons

The death has occurred of former senator, architect and anti-bloodsports campaigner Jack Fitzsimons.

Jack was a Fianna Fáil senator from 1983 to 1989 and after resigning from the party after the 89 election, went on to become an independent member of Meath County Council.

He was a vocal opponent of bloodsports and wrote “Coursing Ban Be Damned” – a book in which he clearly showed that “coursing, hunting and all cruel practices are immoral and should be banned.”

He ran as an independent candidate for the European elections in 1994 and his manifesto included strong anti-hunting and anti-coursing policies. An election flier listed one of his top priorities was to “abolish coursing and hunting”.

Presenting his vision for “a loving, caring, responsible, civilised society”, he denounced the “power-crazy political parties who have systematically and selfishly destroyed almost everything worthwhile in this country”.

Paying tribute to Jack, John Fitzgerald of the Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports wrote: “I knew Jack when he was involved in the campaign to ban the horrific ‘sport’ of live hare coursing…an honest and brave politician, who did what he believed was RIGHT, as distinct from what was politically expedient.”

Jack died on 4 November 2014, aged 84. He is survived by his wife Ann and five children.

Ar dheis De go raibh a ainm dilis.


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