“I am against hare coursing”: Kildare Cllr Seamie Moore

11 Nov

Cllr Seamie Moore

“I am against hare coursing” Cllr Seamie Moore (Independent, Kildare County Council) in a text message to ICABS, November 2014.

Find out the views of other Councillors, TDs and Senators
at http://www.banbloodsports.com/views.htm

Please contact all your local politicians and urge them to
push for a ban on bloodsports.

View the cruelty of bloodsports on our Youtube Channel

The views of other Kildare County Councillors…

Cllr Anne Breen (Labour Party, Kildare County Council)
“I am very much against foxhunting and hare coursing…and would fully suport you stance.” from a message to ICABS, May 2014.

Cllr Kevin Byrne (Labour Party, Kildare County Council)
“I am completely against animal cruelty in any form.” from an email to ICABS, April 2014.

Cllr James Lawless (Fianna Fail, Kildare County Council)
“Totally opposed to hare coursing.” from a text message to ICABS, November 2014.

Cllr Joe Neville (Fine Gael, Kildare County Council)
“Absolutely.” In response to an ICABS tweet – “We hope you favour a ban on foxhunting and hare coursing which are forms of cruelty to animals” (9th September 2014)

Cllr Joanne Pender (Independent, Kildare County Council)
“I am of course supportive of any measures taken to end cruelty to animals.” from a tweet to ICABS, August 2014.

Cllr Sean Power (Fianna Fail, Kildare County Council)
“The hunt has a long and distinguished record in Ireland and a proud tradition. Most villages have pictures of hunts going back over many years and there is something beautiful about watching a hunt in action. Man has always hunted. Today, that hunt takes on a different meaning but people appreciate that it has a proud historic record. This Bill has attracted much publicity. People who do not hunt or engage in rural activities have little understanding or appreciation of why others partake in the activity and the joy, fun and craic that people have on a hunt…The Ward Union Hunt Club has been operating for more than 150 years and is the only club with a stag hunt. It has approximately 200 active members. I know some of these people personally and I regard them as normal, natural people. In any group of 200 people one can select a few and try to tarnish them all with the same brush. The same could be said of the 166 Deputies. The members of the Ward Union Hunt Club are normal people who enjoy a particular activity. From my knowledge of them, they are animal lovers who take great pleasure in participating in a stag hunt…I regret the introduction of legislation to criminalise a long and proud tradition in Ireland.” Speaking as a TD during the Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010, 24 June 2010. Despite expressing support for the Ward Union hunt, Deputy Power voted in favour of a ban on stag hunting.

“I was a greyhound owner in the past and my family was involved down through the years in the industry. I like a night at the dogs. In recent years, the issue of clerical abuse has received a great deal of publicity. However, as a former altar boy, my experience of the church was much different. I was an altar boy to a priest who loved both horse and greyhound racing and I had the pleasure of travelling around the country to attend horse and greyhound race meetings and even the odd coursing meeting. I learned a great deal and my experience with this priest was joyous and educational. I am grateful for the education I received about greyhounds and horses.” Speaking as Minister of State at the Department of Health and Children during a Dail debate on the Greyhound Industry [Doping Regulation] Bill 2006, 8th June 2006.

Cllr Thomas Redmond (Sinn Fein, Kildare County Council)
Cllr Redmond posed next to mounted members of the Fisherstown Farmers Hunt at a November 2013 fundraising event. “Thanks to Cllr Tomas Redmond for showing great support for the event,” the hunt stated on its Facebook page.

Cllr Darren Scully (Fine Gael, Kildare County Council)
“I am against all cruelty to animals, however what one person sees as cruel another sees as an acceptable part of life, many humans in this world are meat eaters and some would argue that it is cruel to kill cattle, deer, or rabbit to consume. I do not think it wrong or cruel to kill animals for consumption as long as it is done in a controlled manner monitored by the relevant state agency. I do think it is wrong to kill animals for sport, in this day and age we can still engage in sport without the need to take life intentionally. I am sure quite a few were not too pleased when the Romans did away with the gladiators.” from an email to ICABS, May 2014.

Cllr Brendan Young (Independent, Kildare County Council)
“In favour of a ban on hare coursing and fox hunting.” from a text message to ICABS, November 2014.


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