Ireland is still a cruel country

27 Mar

From a speech by Dublin Central Independent TD (and Irish Council Against Blood Sports president), Maureen O’Sullivan in Dail Eireann, 4th March 2014.

“I am probably the only one who will bring this up but I’m concerned with animal welfare. And in spite of the recent bill and the efforts by some of us to really address issues of animal welfare, we are still a cruel country when it comes to our treatment of animals. And we see that with the hare coursing – we’re one of the very few countries to continue to allow that – because of injuries to both hares and greyhounds. We have the digging out of foxes – even [some] people who are foxhunters think that is cruel. We see serious neglect of horses. And even though there is a ban on stag hunting, it is blatantly being ignored. The badger [snaring] issue, animals in circuses, another fur farm has opened up, vivisection. Those who are dedicated to animal welfare, who protest peacefully are being harassed, physically assaulted and threatened when they go to protest. There is inactivity on the part of the Gardai when they bring up those issues.”

See the full speech at

Visit Maureen O’Sullivan’s website

Join the campaign against hare coursing and foxhunting at


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