On The Beach presents visit to bullfight as “thing to do”

13 Sep

Online travel agency, On The Beach, is presenting a visit to a bullfight as a “thing to do” for visitors to Mexico.

On its Cancun page, the company states: “As controversial as they are, bullfights are part of the Cancun culture and every Wednesday at the Plaza de Toros many take place.”

“Bullfighting is an extremely cruel and violent activity in which bulls are terrorised, tortured and killed,” the Irish Council Against Blood Sports stated in correspondence to the company. “Most holidaymakers lured in to the bullrings are left feeling shocked and disgusted at the bloody scenes they witness.”

Brought to their attention was a video showing showing a bleeding bull being tormented and killed at a Cancun bullring


Please join us in appealing to On The Beach to stop presenting a visit to a bullfight as a holiday activity.

On The Beach Limited
Park Square
Bird Hall Lane
Cheadle, SK3 0XN

Email: press@onthebeach.co.uk
Tel: 0871 474 3000

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