Wax Museum withdraws foxhunt discount “with immediate effect”

3 May


The National Wax Museum has announced that a foxhunting-related discount offer has been “withdrawn with immediate effect”. Following complaints from ICABS and members of the public, the museum apologised and said that it is not a supporter of bloodsports.

The offer appears in a wax museum advert in the Westmeath Foxhounds 2013 calendar. The ad states: “Mention the Westmeath Foxhounds and get 10 per cent off the ticket price”. As part of our appeal to the museum, we highlighted the horrendous suffering and death caused to foxes during hunts and the fact that a majority of people are opposed to the cruel activity.

A museum statement issued on 2nd May states:

“The National Wax Museum Plus would like to extend their sincerest apologies in relation to the discount offered to Westmeath fox hunting. We did not intend to offend or upset anyone. We had offered this discount several years ago and in doing so we did not mean it to convey our support for fox hunting.

The National Wax Museum Plus is a visitor attraction and not an avid supporter of blood sports. This was an oversight on our part and we offer our sincerest apologies for any distress caused. This discount was offered without the knowledge of management and our ticket sales staff were not aware of it either.

“The discount has now been withdrawn with immediate effect.”

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports thanks the National Wax Museum for this positive response. Thank you also to everyone who supported our action alert. For more action alerts, subscribe to our Animal Voice newsletter – email “Subscribe” to info@banbloodsports.com


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