Urge National Wax Museum to scrap foxhunt discount

1 May


ICABS is calling on the National Wax Museum in Dublin to scrap an outrageous offer involving a 10% discount to anyone who mentions the Westmeath Foxhounds. The offer appears in a wax museum advert in the hunt’s 2013 calendar.

The advert states: “Mention the Westmeath Foxhounds and get 10% off the ticket price”.

ICABS has expressed disgust to the National Wax Museum over the discount.

“Given the horrendous cruelty to animals involved in foxhunting, and the fact that a majority are opposed to it, it is surprising that your museum would chose to associate with such an activity,” we stated in an email to management. “We ask the National Wax Museum to show compassion for Irish wildlife and end this promotion.”

The wax museum is owned by Paddy Dunning who earlier this year was photographed with singer Paolo Nutini at the Westmeath Foxhunt ball at the Bloomfield House Hotel, Mullingar. Following complaints from fans, Nutini later issued a statement to say that he “in no way supports fox hunting or any other type of animal blood sports” and that he “doesn’t endorse the hunting of any animal”. At the time, he was in Westmeath recording an album at Grouse Lodge Studios (also owned by Dunning). According to a Westmeath Examiner report, Dunning “declined to comment about the controversy”.

Brought to museum management’s attention this week were the following selection of incidents relating to Westmeath Foxhunt cruelty:

A 2011 Farmers’ Journal hunting report told of how sixteen mounted followers of the Westmeath hunt, along with 29 hounds, found a fox that was caught and “chopped.” Later on, another fox was “overhauled before he managed to put any distance between himself and them.” Both “chopped” and “overhauled,” in hunting terminology, mean that the fox was caught by the hounds and brutally killed.

In 2007, there was a probe into allegations that a rope was tied to the leg of a fox and that it was pulled out of a burrow and fed alive to the dogs – See Irish Independent report http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/top-hunt-probed-in-cruelty-claim-26333741.html

A 2008 Irish Field report revealed that the Westmeath Hunt’s hounds chased a fox into the freezing water of the Royal canal and along its banks – the fox and the pack swam across the canal and continued along the banks to the Mullingar/Ballynacargy Road…the fox, with four and a half couple (9 hounds) in pursuit, then swam the canal again before retracing their steps back to Newman’s Bog.” Following complaints, Waterways Ireland moved to contact the hunt and tell them to keep away from the Royal Canal.

The Irish Field of December 1991 documented the obscene ritual of cutting off the tails and tongues of foxes – “Terriers were some time in coming as car followers were the wrong side of the wind for hearing. A quick dig followed and two foxes were dispatched. Eamon had a brush for Clarissa and a fox’s tongue which he intends pickling in vinegar to cure warts and draw thorns.” (Westmeath Foxhounds, Hunt Report)


The Wax Museum has announced that the discount offer has been withdrawn with immediate effect. Action alert now ended. Thank you to everyone who responded. Visit http://www.banbloodsports.com for more action alerts and subscribe to our monthly Animal Voice newsletter – email “Subscribe” to info@banbloodsports.com



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