When hunts attack pets

25 Jan

An Irish Council Against Blood Sports report into attacks on pets by hunting dogs. Also included in the report is a section focusing on the threat posed to public safety by hunting hounds.


Contact the Minister for Agriculture, Simon Coveney, and demand a ban on hunting with hounds. Tell him that the cruelty of fox and hare hunting is entirely unacceptable in a modern civilised society. Express your concerns for the ongoing attacks on pets and the risk to public safety.

Minister Simon Coveney
Department of Agriculture
Agriculture House,
Kildare Street, Dublin 2.
Email: Simon.Coveney@oireachtas.ie
Tel: 01-607 2884 or LoCall 1890-200510.

Send a copy of your correspondence to all your local TDs and tell them that their stance on animal cruelty issues will affect your future voting decisions.

If you are a landowner, please act to keep hunting groups out. Hunts on your land pose a threat to livestock, pets and humans. Write a registered warning-off letter to the masters of local hunts and make it clear that any any trespass by hunters or hounds will be not be tolerated.

Click on “Farmers” at www.banbloodsports.com for advice on how to make your property off-limits to hunts.

The latest attack on a pet occurred in a Coillte forest. Please contact Coillte now and urge them to put in place a blanket ban on all hunters on their property.

David Gunning
CEO, Coillte
The Irish Forestry Board
Co Wicklow
Email: pr@coillte.ie and christine.lee@coillte.ie
Tel: 01 201 11 11

Under the Control of Dogs Act, dogs must be kept “under effectual control” so if hunt hounds come on to property where they do not have permission to be, this would be an offence and the Gardai should be notified.

If possible, take photos or video footage to prove it took place. If trespass occurs by members of the hunt, the Gardai should be notified as well.

Join the Irish Council Against Blood Sports email list to remain updated on the campaign against bloodsports.

Email “Subscribe” to info@banbloodsports.com or write to ICABS, PO Box 88, Mullingar, Co Westmeath, Ireland. Visit http://www.banbloodsports.com for news and action alerts.
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Thank you for your support.


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