Ask Ireland’s Brennan Hotels Group to disassociate from cruel coursing

11 Sep

Clonmel hotel publicises cruelty fest as a “sporting event”

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports has renewed its appeal to the Clonmel Park Conference, Leisure & Spa Hotel in County Tipperary to stop publicising hare coursing. On its website, the hotel presents the local coursing cruelty festival as a “sporting event” and those who attend it as “sports people”.

“Clonmel is noted in greyhound circles for being the home of the annual National Hare Coursing Meeting in early February,” a notice on the hotel’s Attractions & Events page outlines. “Included in this event is the prestigious Ladies’ International Open Meeting and the coursing derby.”

The hotel has previously been urged to disassociate from coursing. In an advert placed in a coursing booklet, the hotel extended a “welcome to all visitors to the national coursing meeting”. The advert also highlighted that the hotel is “just 5 minutes drive from the coursing grounds” and that a coursing video was to be shown nightly at the hotel.

Clonmel Park Conference, Leisure & Spa Hotel is part of the Brennan Hotels Group. Earlier this month, ICABS told management that at this year’s Sevenhouses coursing meeting, 12 hares were hit by greyhounds, 1 hare was killed, 4 hares were injured and 1 hare was put down because of injuries. Kilkenny’s Springhill Court hotel, which is also part of the Brennan group, had stated in a coursing booklet advert: “the best of luck to Sevenhouses coursing club”.

“It is incredible that a modern hotel chain unashamedly associates with an animal cruelty activity which causes injury and death to hares,” we stated in an email to the company. “It is surprising that you don’t take into consideration the fact that businesses which back animal cruelty risk being shunned by potential customers among the majority who oppose bloodsports.”

Extracts from the hotel’s website in which coursing is described as a “sporting event”


Appeal to the Brennan Hotels Group to disassociate its hotels from hare coursing. State that you are one of the majority who oppose this cruel activity and want it banned. Send a copy of your correspondence to the manager of Clonmel Park Conference, Leisure & Spa Hotel.

Sales and Marketing Director

Brennan Hotels Group

Email Via:

Clonmel Park Conference, Leisure & Spa Hotel

Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

Tel: +353 52 6188700


Leave a comment on the Clonmel Park Conference, Leisure and Spa Hotel Facebook Page

Dear Sir/Madam,I am contacting you to register my disgust at the Clonmel Park Conference, Leisure and Spa Hotel’s for publicising cruel hare coursing on its website – you may be aware, hares used in coursing are snatched from their habitats, kept in captivity for months and forced to run for their lives in front of greyhounds. They suffer fear, stress and injuries such as broken bones. Every coursing season, hares die painful deaths in this horrendous activity.

Please show compassion for Ireland’s persecuted hare species and stop publicising cruel coursing on your website.

I eagerly await your reply.

Yours sincerely,


Coursing cruelty: A hare is caught by greyhounds during a coursing meet in Ireland.

Blood sports in Ireland and the humane alternatives


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