Minister Deenihan – Stop Licensing Hare Coursing

8 May

Please download, display and distribute our Action Alert Poster aimed at persuading Minister Jimmy Deenihan to stop licensing the cruel blood sport of hare coursing.

Download (pdf)

We would be grateful if you could print this poster and display it at your local music venues, youth clubs, animal welfare stands, veterinary surgery waiting areas, etc. Thank you.

Coursing is cruel from beginning to end. Thousands of hares are forcefully snatched from the Irish countryside in nets, kept in captivity for weeks and forced to run for their lives in front of muzzled greyhounds. When hit, they suffer agonising life-threatening injuries, including broken bones. Witness the cruelty of coursing at or visit our youtube channel at


Email “Stop licensing cruel hare coursing” to with a copy to

For more information on our campaigns and how you can help, please visit To join our Animal Voice Action Alerts mailing list, send “Subscribe” to

Sign our Ban Blood Sports in Ireland petition

Thank you for your support.


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