Urge FBD to stop offering insurance to cruel hunters

21 Oct

FBD Insurance is offering cover to hunters who cause damage and injury during hunting activities. The company has been asked to scrap its pro-hunt policy.

In a booklet dealing with FBD Liability Insurance, a number of questions and answers are presented, including:

Q. I own a horse and go hunting – any cover here?
A. The standard FBD Public Liability policy provides cover for damage caused to property or injuries caused to third parties while you are hunting on horseback.

Q. How are animals covered while away from the farm? For example, animals at shows, horses at shows or at the hunt
A. You are covered under your public liability insurance for any injury or damage that these animals may cause to members of the public or their property

ICABS has complained to FBD about its pro-hunt policy. In a letter to CEO, Andrew Langford, we stated:

“By offering coverage to hunters, your company is facilitating the continuation of foxhunting – an extremely cruel and barbaric activity that a majority of Irish people want made illegal. Hunting involves the terrorisation of foxes – a pack of hounds and a group of hunters chase the defenceless animals to exhaustion. When caught by the hounds, foxes are ripped apart. Those that try to find refuge underground are dug out with spades and thrown to the hounds.”

For a company with its roots in the agricultural sector, it is ironic that FBD is facilitating an activity which

* Poses a threat to farm biosecurity – hounds can spread diseases as the hunts passes from farm to farm
* Causes untold stress and inconvenience to farmers trying to keep trespassing hunts off their land.
* Results in damage to pastures and farm boundaries.
* Causes disturbance and death to livestock.

We hope that FBD Insurance will show compassion for the foxes, and the farmers plagued by hunts, and immediately scrap this hunt cover.


Urge FBD Insurance to stop insuring those involved in animal cruelty and scrap its pro-hunt policy. If FBD’s association with hunters would make you choose an alternative insurance company, please make this clear in your correspondence.

Andrew Langford,
Group Chief Executive
FBD Insurance
Dublin 12


FBD Insurance,
PO BOX 11225,
Dublin 12.

Email: company.secretary@fbd.ie
Skype: fbd.insurance
Tel: Locall 1890 617 617

Please download and post this letter

Please Download Now

ICABS advises anyone who experiences hunt trespass to immediately contact the Gardai and urge them to prosecute. We also recommend that legal advice is sought with a view to pursuing a claim for compensation. In all cases, take photos and/or video of the trespass and damage. For more information, please click on “Farmers” at http://www.banbloodsports.com.


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