Blooding in the Irish greyhound industry

19 Jul

In the BBC’s “On-The-Line: Cradle to Grave” documentary, the cruelty of Ireland’s greyhound industry is exposed, including the illegal practice of blooding.

Quotes from programme: “It’s widely known that if you give a dog a live animal to kill, on occasion I’ve heard of cats being used – this makes the dog more keener and makes it perform better. It’s because they’ve had the taste of blood…The use of live bait – in this case rabbits – is against the law in Ireland and the UK. Blooding is, in fact, an imprisonable offence. Nevertheless, blooding is a common training technique and in rural areas in Ireland, the use of live lures is an open secret.”

Part 1

Part 2

Blooding is believed to be widespread throughout Ireland. It is extremely cruel and highly illegal.

Greyhound scene commentator, John Martin, is on record as saying that “greyhound racing would not continue to exist without blooding [and] it follows that, with a constant greyhound population of close on 30,000, blooding must be widespread.”

Writing in the Irish Independent of January 12th, 1994, Mr Martin added: “Do not expect an admission of that from Bord na gCon, the country’s semi-state greyhound racing authority. To concede the point would be to accept that they are the custodians of a sport whose very existence is based on blooding.”

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports appeals to anyone with information on blooding activities, to urgently contact local Gardai or the Garda Confidential line on 1800 666 111.


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