Ask Spanish town to exclude bullfighting from fiesta

3 Apr

Ask Spanish town to exclude bullfighting from fiesta

Please join our appeal to the council in Spanish town, Manzanares el Real, to exclude bullfighting from its annual fiesta. Watch our video and respond now to this important action alert.

(With thanks to Maria Lopes –
Click Here to Send Email to Manzanares el Real
or copy and paste the sample letter below. Thanks for helping!

Oscar Cerezal, Mayor
City Hall
Plaza del Pueblo, 1 -28410
Manzanares el Real

Tel: 00 34 91 853 00 09
Fax: 00 34 91 853 98 25
(With a copy to

Dear Mayor Cerezal,

I understand that bullfighting forms a part of your town’s annual fiesta.

As one of the millions of people across Europe and the world opposed to this cruel and barbaric activity, I implore you to exclude bullfighting from the 2009 fiesta and from all future fiestas.

Manzanares el Real has many positive attractions for tourists but, as long as bullfighting is permitted to take place there, myself and my family will be avoiding your town in favour of the locations in Spain that have declared themselves anti-bullfighting.

I hope that Manzanares el Real will show compassion and choose to stop hosting bullfighting.

Thank you. I look forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely,

[* * * Name / Location * * *]


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