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1 Oct

hotel travel childrens activities

Please join us in our appeal to to remove cruel and barbaric bullfighting from its online travel guides.

On its website. HotelTravel…

– recommends “one of the best places in northern Spain to witness a bullfight”,
– tells tourists “you will be able to catch a bullfight as this is bullfighting season”,
– highlights where bullfight tickets may be purchased,
– says that bullfighting “can be an exciting form of entertainment”,
– suggests a visit to a bullfight for those seeking “cultural excitement”,
– tells visitors to Bogota to “catch a bullfight [and] experience the excitement”.

The website also shockingly recommends a trip to a bullfight as an activity for youngsters – in the “children’s activities” section of its Spain page, it presents bullfighting as “a must see for the culture-vulture and their kids”

“Bullfighting is an extremely cruel and violent activity in which bulls are terrorised, tortured and killed,” ICABS stated in an email to the company. “By suggesting tourists visit bullfights, you are helping to fill seats in the blood-soaked bullrings. Please show compassion and stop including cruel and barbaric bullfighting in your online travel guides.”


Contact now and urge them to remove all references to bullfighting from their online travel guides.
27/180 Chok Thip Villa,
Moo 8, Chao Fa Rd, Chalong
Phuket, Thailand 83130

Tweet: @HotelTravel Please remove cruel and barbaric bullfighting from your online travel guides

Tel: +66-76-282-808 -Thailand
Tel: +1-646-360-1678 – United States and Canada
Te: +44-845-528-0496 – United Kingdom
Tel: +61-289-994-263 – Australia and New Zealand

Please sign and share our petitions

Spanish Tourism – Stop promoting cruel bullfighting

Stop selling bullfighting tickets

“Ticketmaster: Stop selling bullfighting tickets” Stop publicising cruel bullfighting events

Fodors Travel Guides: Stop directing tourists to bullrings

Political Focus: European Affairs Minister Dara Murphy

25 Sep


A politician who voted against proposals to ban bloodsports in Ireland is embroiled in another controversy this week after it was revealed that he asked two on-duty gardaí to drive him from Cork to Dublin Airport after his car broke down.

The Irish Examiner reports that European Affairs Minister Dara Murphy “sought the help after his car broke down on the motorway outside Mitchelstown in rural Cork at 3am on Sunday, September 13, while he was travelling to catch a 6.40am flight to an EU meeting later that day.”

The Fine Gael Cork North Central TD and his chauffeur were reportedly unsuccessful in attempts to get a taxi or roadside assistance.

He has been criticised for diverting gardaí from their duty to undertake the 418km round-trip — instead of asking to be dropped off at the next town to find a taxi. Cork Lord Mayor Chris O’Leary slammed the Minister, saying: “It is absolutely outrageous behaviour in today’s climate, and I would call on Dara Murphy to account for, and pay back, the cost to the State.”

The Examiner highlights that Mr Murphy made the headlines earlier this year “after it emerged that the taxpayer was left with a €30,000 bill after he and a group of officials were jetted home from Latvia to vote in the marriage equality referendum”. According to the Irish Independent, he was also criticised for charging supporters €85 to have breakfast with Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald in a bid to raise funds for his General Election campaign.

In 2013, Dara Murphy was among the politicians who shamefully voted against Animal Welfare Bill amendments aimed at ending some of Ireland’s worst acts of cruelty to animals.

Deputy Murphy voted against an amendment which sought to outlaw hare coursing in Ireland.
He voted against an amendment which sought to outlaw fox hunting, terrierwork, digging out, ferreting, badger culling and the use of animals in circus performances.
He also voted against an amendment which sought to outlaw fur farming in Ireland.

Contact details for Minister Dara Murphy

Telephone: 01-618 3862
Twitter @DaraMurphyFG


Two members of a foxhunt holding the fox and the hunt terrier as they bite into each other. Appalling scenes like these are routine in foxhunting.

Nursing home connected to cruel hare coursing

23 Sep

Lystoll Lodge Nursing Home

A nursing home in County Kerry is connected to hare coursing, ICABS can reveal.

Details of this weekend’s Kilflynn coursing meeting, include references to “Lystoll Lodge Nursing Home 3 Course Duffer” and “Lystoll Lodge Nursing Home 3 Course, All-Age Bitch Stake”.

The references to the nursing home appear on the Irish Coursing Club website beneath a disturbing image of a hare running for his life in front of a greyhound.

In an email to the management of the Listowel nursing home, ICABS expressed disappointment at its association with “an activity which causes fear, stress, suffering, injury and death to defenceless creatures.”

“Nursing homes should exclusively embrace compassion and firmly reject any form of cruelty,” we stated, pointing out that coursing is based on forcefully removing hares from their natural habitat and using them as live bait for dogs. “We urge you to show mercy for the hares running for their lives and disassociate from this shameful activity.”

We highlighted the suffering and death caused to hares during Kilflynn coursing meets. These include hares hit and killed by greyhounds, hares dying of so-called “natural causes” and hares put down due to the severity of their injuries. At one meeting, hares were also found to be “sick or otherwise unfit after the coursing event”.

Lystoll Lodge is a member of Nursing Homes Ireland. It provides long-term residential/continuing care and short-term convalescent and respite care.


Join us in urging Lystoll Lodge Nursing Home to disassociate from cruel hare coursing.

Johanna Horgan
Lystoll Lodge Nursing Home
Co. Kerry

Tel: 068 24248

Travel Channel removes bullfighting from “Why We Love the Spanish” gallery

15 Sep


Travel Channel removes bullfighting from “Why We Love the Spanish” gallery

The Travel Channel has responded to an Irish Council Against Blood Sports appeal and removed bullfighting from its “Why We Love the Spanish” gallery.

The online slideshow featured an image of a matador waving a red cape at an injured, bleeding bull. The caption beneath the image stated: “We love the spectacle of a bullfight” and “We enjoy sitting on the edge of our seat to watch a traditional bullfight”.

In an email to the Travel Channel, ICABS highlighted the cruelty involved in bullfighting and the fact that many tourists lured in to watch bullfights are left feeling disgusted and upset at the bloody violence.

“In promoting bullfighting, the Travel Channel is very much out of step with public opinion on bullfighting,” we stated. “Millions in Spain and around Europe and the world are opposed to bullfighting and want it banned. Opinion polls have shown that most Spanish people have no interest in bullfighting.”

We also pointed out that more and more travel companies are disassociating from bullfighting – including the UK’s largest travel association, ABTA, which now considers bullfighting and bullrunning to be “unacceptable practices”. ABTA tells its members not to promote them.

While we welcome this positive response from the Travel Channel, it must be noted that other bullfighting related content remains on its website.

This includes:

A list of “Spain’s Best Bullfighting Rings”

“You won’t want to miss bullfights…when you visit this vibrant Spanish region”

Get the quintessential Spanish experience in Seville, where you’ll find flamenco and bullfighting

Don’t miss the encierro, or bull run

Every year from July 6-14, all eyes are on the city of Pamplona, Spain, which comes alive with the Festival of San Fermin — made famous by the annual running of the bulls


Thank the Travel Channel for removing bullfighting from its “Why We Love the Spanish” gallery. Encourage the company to remove all pro-bullfighting/bullrunning content from its website.

Leave a comment on Facebook
Tweet to @travelchannel
EmaiL (Mr Kwin Mosby, Managing Producer)

Carmim wine company urged to stop advertising at bullring

10 Sep

carmim yellow arrows

Portuguese wine and olive oil company, Carmim, is being urged to stop advertising at cruel bullfighting events.

Several Carmim advertisement banners were on display during a recent bullfight in the bullring of Reguengos de Monsaraz.

In an email to the company, ICABS stated: “Your banners overlooked the area where bulls were repeatedly tormented and stabbed. The animals were seen gasping for breath and bleeding from open wounds.”

“A majority of people in Portugal and around Europe are opposed to bullfighting so we are surprised that your company would associate with such an activity,” we added. “We appeal to you to show compassion for the animals and end your support of bullfighting.”

Carmim produce several wines – including the Monsaraz, Reguengos and Terras d’el Rei varieties – as well as Monsaraz olive oils.


Please join us in contacting Carmim and urging them to stop advertising at the bullring.

Rua Professor Mota Pinto (Estrada para Monsaraz)
Edifício Administrativo – Apartado 3
7200-999 Reguengos de Monsaraz
Tel: +351 266 508 200
Fax: +351 266 508 280

carmim yellow arrows 2

vindimas bullfighting portugal 008

vindimas bullfighting portugal 009

“It is utterly unacceptable for the Minister to conduct herself in such a secretive fashion”

9 Sep


Ireland’s National Trust, An Taisce, has issued a scathing response to a decision by Minister Heather Humphreys to allow Disney to return to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Skellig Michael to film more Star Wars scenes.

The Minister, who has also recently given the go-ahead to another season of cruel hare coursing and is allowing hunters to shoot Red-listed birds out of the sky, is strongly criticised by An Taisce for her “secretive” decision to allow a film crew to “trample for three weeks over one of the most sensitive archaeological and environmental location in the State”.

An Taisce says that over the past four weeks, it made 8 requests to the Department of Arts and Heritage for information but only received confirmation that permission was granted for filming in a 03.10 am email yesterday 8th September. That was the day after the permission period commenced – thus depriving An Taisce or anyone else of the opportunity to challenge it. “It is utterly unacceptable for the Minister, charged with the protection of cultural heritage to conduct herself in such a secretive fashion,” said spokesperson Ian Lumley.

In a media release, An Taisce states:

“An Taisce is appalled by how the Minister and Department have conducted this matter…neither An Taisce nor any member of the public has a copy of the consent or the application to review.”

“We have been, and are being kept deliberately and entirely in the dark. Any opportunity to participate in the process before a decision was made was denied by the Minister, and now no opportunity is being provided to examine properly the consent, and the particulars and to consider any possible requirement necessary to challenge its legality in the courts – as we and others are lawfully entitled to do – is being actively subverted by the Department. The public interest in the protection of unique and vulnerable environment and the role of the courts on such matters is being compromised here in our view, to facilitate the film company.”

“An Taisce naturally supports the role of film in promoting Ireland’s wonderful built and natural heritage. But this cannot be done at the cost of destroying it, or the goose that lays the golden egg for our important indigenous tourist industry and all to satisfy the transient interest of a film company whose purpose is to use this internationally significant UNESCO World Heritage Site – merely as film set. The specific impacts and the consequential impacts to the site are of extreme concern to An Taisce, and the adequacy of the Minister’s assessment requires examination and our concerns as to the adequacy of same are only heightened by the fact she has acted and continues to act in an entirely non-transparent way – compromising the ability of concerned citizens to hold her accountable until it is too late. We have to ask what is she hiding?”

“We find it difficult to reconcile a number of comments of the Minister on her consent with the limited extracts of particulars we have been provided with. The Minister current assurances are therefore in the context meaningless to us, and we can have no confidence in her, or her administration on this matter. We call on the Minister to disclose immediately all particulars in relation to this consent which she has deliberately refused to provide to date.”

“We are left in a situation of not knowing whether preparatory works being undertaken were authorised or un-authorised until this 3:10 am email. It is utterly unacceptable for the Minister, charged with the protection of cultural heritage to conduct herself in such a secretive fashion. This is particularly so where the Minister has granted permission to a private company to trample for three weeks over one of the most sensitive archaeological and environmental location in the State for the sole purpose of generating a profit.”

“An Taisce is therefore considering any and all options on this matter including legal challenge – and considers the manner in which this has been handled is an unparalleled subversion of environmental democracy, compromises the public interests and the role intended for the courts in accessing Justice under our Constitution and International Conventions Ireland has ratified.”

BirdWatch Ireland has also expressed “serious concerns” over filming on the Skellig – a site specially designated under Irish and EU Law for the protection of bird species. Last year, ahead of filming scenes for Star Wars Episode VII, a helicopter flying over the island caused kittiwake chicks in nests to be swept off a ledge to their deaths.

See An Taisce’s full statement at


Spanish Government and Spanish Tourism have blood on their hands

8 Sep


Letter to the Editor in Monday’s Irish Daily Mail…

Blood on their hands
Irish Daily Mail, 7th September 2015

How many more people have to die before Spanish Tourism ends its shameful promotion of bullrunning?

“If you come, in some places you can take part in bullrunning,” it states on its website. “At these events, crowds of people run with the bulls through the streets to the bullring.”

There is no warning that you risk being impaled by a tormented bull and sent home in a body bag.

This invitation to join a bullrun has remained in place all summer, despite a mounting death toll.

Among those who have lost their lives so far this year are a 66-year-old gored in the chest, a man who died when hit by an infuriated bull with fireworks tied to his horns and another who suffered massive blood loss from a 12-inch stomach wound.

And let’s not forget the plight of the bulls.

They are hit with sticks and electric shock prods, have their tails pulled and when they slip and fall, they sustain painful bruises and broken bones.

Their final destination is the local bullring where the agony of torture awaits.

By allowing bullrunning to continue and encouraging tourists to participate, the Spanish Government and its tourism body have blood on their hands.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Kiernan
Irish Council Against Blood Sports
Mullingar, Co Westmeath




Sign and share our petition
Spanish Tourism – Stop promoting cruel bullfighting and bullrunning

Contact the Spanish Tourism Office and make it clear that, as one of the majority opposed to animal cruelty, you find it very offensive that they are actively promoting bullfighting and bullrunning. If their promotion of animal cruelty would make you chose an alternative holiday destination, please point this out in your correspondence.

Gonzalo Ceballos, Director
Spanish Tourism Office in Ireland
1-3 Westmoreland Street, Dublin
Tel: 01-6350200

Leave a comment on Facebook:

Tweet to: @Spain @SpaininIreland Spanish Tourism – Stop promoting cruel bullfighting

Learn more about the cruelty of bullrunning in this Gemma Atkinson-narrated video


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