Pro-bloodsports husband and wife election candidates

9 Feb


Did you know: Husband and wife general election candidates Lucinda Creighton TD and Senator Paul Bradford are both pro-bloodsports.

Last November Lucinda Creighton disgracefully suggested that foxhunting be developed as an Irish tourism product. During a Dail debate, the Renua leader stated: “I think we need to develop a lot more of our tourism industry around the horse equestrian sector generally – be it sport horses, be it the hunting sector, be it racing and so on. A lot of that can be integrated because often it’s the same people who are interested in all the different elements. I think there’s real potential there”. When ICABS expressed shock and disgust at the statement, Lucinda Creighton tweeted “it already is [developed as tourism product]. There’s definitely room for further promotion. Would be a huge boost for neglected rural economy.”

We informed her that, due to the appalling animal cruelty involved, Ireland’s tourism body Failte Ireland, has long since stopped promoting hunting. On its website, the tourism body makes it clear that “blood sports including coursing or hunting are not promoted in any Failte Ireland publications.”

As a Fine Gael TD in 2010, Lucinda Creighton voted against the Bill which banned stag hunting with packs of hounds.

Her husband, Senator Paul Bradford – also a member of Renua – has shamefully expressed support for fox hunting and hare coursing clubs. During a Dail debate in 2010, he said: “It is a given that rural organisations, including hunt and coursing clubs, cannot survive if they do not meet the highest standards of animal husbandry, hygiene and animal feeding propriety. They would not exist if they did not look after these matters with near perfection…If we see such traditions not just as historical but as important for the Ireland of today, we should help them to survive into the future. We should ensure hunting and coursing clubs and other rural organisations such as point-to-point associations remain part of the fabric of rural Ireland.”


In the upcoming general election, please make your vote count for the animals. Reject candidates who support cruelty to animals. Choose candidates who have expressed opposition to bloodsports and a commitment to pushing for a ban. Question election candidates about where they stand on animal cruelty issues before making your voting decisions.

Find out the views of election candidates at

Witness the cruelty of fox hunting and hare coursing at

Order of Malta back at animal cruelty festival

1 Feb


Shame on first aid group, Order of Malta, for ignoring calls to stay away from the Clonmel hare coursing crueltyfest. An Order of Malta ambulance was spotted inside the grounds of Powerstown Park on Sunday and was later seen driving past protesters gathered outside the venue.

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports had appealed to Order of Malta to show compassion for the Irish Hares netted from the wild and used as live bait for dogs to chase. Over 1,100 people signed a petition urging the group to stop attending events involving cruelty to animals.

In an email to the Order of Malta’s Dublin headquarters, ICABS praised the organisation’s valuable work across the country but pointed out that volunteering at an animal cruelty event at which defenceless animals are forced to run for their lives is surely contrary to the Order of Malta’s ethos of compassion and alleviating suffering.

“The coursing meeting in Clonmel is the culmination of a season of animal cruelty,” we stated in our letter. We brought to their attention photographs taken at Clonmel which show hares desperately running for their lives in front of greyhounds.

“Every coursing season, hares are hit and mauled, resulting in painful injuries and deaths,” we added. “Injuries include bruises, broken bones and dislocated hips. This is not the type of activity the Order of Malta should be associating with.”


Urge the Order of Malta to stop providing volunteers to animal cruelty events.

Order of Malta Ireland,
St John’s House,
32 Clyde Road,
Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
Tel: 01-6430000


Sign and share the petition:
Order of Malta – Stop attending cruel hare coursing festival

Vixen attacked and killed after “pretending” to be dead

28 Jan

A vixen who “pretended to be dead” in a bid to save her life was brutally attacked and killed by a hunting dog.

According to a disgusting report in hunting magazine, Earth Dog Running Dog, the lurcher dog chased after the fox and was later found standing over her body.

When the Ireland-based hunter caught up with the dog, the vixen was seen stretched out on the ground, apparently dead.

A photograph of the unfortunate vixen shows her lying helplessly on the ground looking up at the lurcher. After an initial attack, a bloody wound is visible on the side of her head.

“I got the camera, took a few shots and congratulated the lurcher while doing so,” the hunter wrote. “As I stood up, the dog turned towards me and the fox got up and ran.”

The lurcher ran after the vixen again and caught her in a briar hedge. The report continued: “the lurcher caught the fox on its back end as it was the only place she could and the fox swung round and got her by the muzzle! Did she scream? You bet she screamed, but neither of the two would give up first.”

When a second hunting dog arrived “baying like a bloodhound”, the lurcher “got a better grip and it was all over, there would be no more pretending to be dead.”

A photograph showing the vixen being attacked can be viewed at

This is one of the many foxes who suffer horrific deaths in the Irish countryside. Their pain and suffering will continue until our government finally outlaws this shameful activity.

Please help push for a ban on this and all bloodsports. Question general election candidates about where they stand on animal cruelty issues and make your vote count for the animals.

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Pro-bloodsports TD retires from Dail Eireann

23 Jan


Fine Gael TD Olivia Mitchell made her final speech in Dail Eireann this month ahead of her retirement from national politics.

Olivia Mitchell’s departure is no loss to the animals of Ireland who continue to suffer appalling acts of cruelty.

In March 2013, Olivia Mitchell shamefully voted against amendments to the Animal Health and Welfare Bill which sought to secure a ban on some of Ireland’s worst acts of cruelty to animals – foxhunting, hare coursing, digging out, terrierwork, ferreting, badger culling, fur farming and the use of animals in circus performances.

In an email to an ICABS supporter in 2009, the Dublin South TD made her views on bloodsports known, saying “many thanks for your email in relation to Irish field sports and hunting. Please find below a statement from Fine Gael’s spokesperson on Agriculture, Michael Creed TD, which reflects my own views on the matter.”

The statement she referred to outlined that “Fine Gael supports country sports which are carried out humanely”, “Fine Gael will oppose any move by government to deny groups who have conducted their activities as per their licences, the right to continue to pursue these activities in the future” and “Fine Gael acknowledge the contribution hunting and other rural pursuits make to the rural economy.”

Ireland’s animals need many more pro-bloodsports TDs to exit Dail Eireann and an influx of compassionate TDs. Please make your vote count for animals in the upcoming general election and support candidates who have expressed opposition to animal cruelty and a commitment to acting to bringing it to an end.

To find out the positions of your local candidates, please see our Election 2016 guide at

When politicians come to your door in the run-up to the election, ask them where they stand on foxhunting, hare coursing and other animal cruelty issues and let us know their responses. Thank you.

Trespassing Meath hunt destroys 92-year-old woman’s land

22 Jan

See the trail of destruction on a 92-year-old woman’s land after a hunt in County Meath trespassed on Tuesday, January 12th 2016.

Dozens of hunters on horseback entered the woman’s property by trampling over a wire fence which had been cut. They then galloped across her pristine land, leaving it severely churned up.

The hunt believed to be responsible had given an undertaking not to trespass again, after damaging this same woman’s land in the past, but their arrogance and ignorance knows no bounds, and they think nothing of disrespecting landowners and treating them like dirt.

ICABS has yet to confirm the identity of the hunt but we do know that according to the Ward Union Staghounds fixture list, they were scheduled to meet at the Hatchet Pub on Tuesday, January 12th, which is a short distance from the elderly woman’s land.

Join the protest against cruel hare coursing – Sunday 31st January, Clonmel

19 Jan

Join a peaceful demonstration against hare coursing on Sunday 31st January, 2016. The protest will take place outside Powerstown Park, Clonmel, Co Tipperary from 12 noon until around 2pm.

Please make a very special effort to attend and demonstrate your opposition to this cruel activity. Thank you. We look forward to seeing you there.

Encourage friends and family members to accompany you to the protest.

When: Sunday 31st January, 12 midday to 2pm
Location: Outside Powerstown Park, Clonmel, Co Tipperary (Powerstown Road / N24)
Find location on Google Street
Get Driving Directions from anywhere in Ireland
GPS Co-ordinates: 52.36279443752316,-7.683886589718633 or 52° 21′ 46.06”,-8° 18′ 58.01”

Facebook Event Page

Video: Urge the Irish Government to ban hare coursing
Sign and share petitions
Stop Licensing Cruel Hare Coursing
Save Irish hares from cruel coursing

join the protest against cruel hare coursing

Irish army blasted for supporting animal cruelty

15 Jan

irish army hosts animal abusers

 Please sign and share our petition

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports is outraged that the Irish Army hosted a foxhunt at their Curragh Camp HQ. According to a report in the Irish Field, a number of Army officers took part in the barbarism and officers in army fatigues were pictured with the foxhunters.

According to the report in the Irish Field, it was stated that “the Irish Army were out in force for the Kildare Foxhounds meet at the Curragh Camp,” and that personnel were involved in the organising of the hunt. Given that foxhunting was very much a British tradition, Eamonn Ceannt, one of the signatories of the 1916 Rising, would no doubt have been turning in his at grave at the sight of horse-boxes arriving in Ceannt Square at the Curragh Camp, and the foxhunters indulging in finger food and refreshments at the officers’ mess. Ironically, Britain has over a decade ago outlawed foxhunting, leaving Ireland as the last outpost of barbarism in these islands.

The Irish Field report went on to detail how foxes were pursued by hounds and “marked to ground” which indicates that they would have sought refuge underground. We can only speculate as to what happened these foxes after this, but generally terriermen, who are an integral part of the hunt, arrive with spades and terriers to dig down to the fox, using the terriers to flush it out, resulting in underground battles with fox and terrier, and the ultimate death of the fox.

As we commemorate 1916, it is an absolute disgrace that the Irish Army would be involved in such a barbaric bloodsport. One hundred years after they laid down their lives for our country, the Irish Army taking part in a foxhunt is hardly what our 1916 patriots would have envisaged.

In a 1967 letter to founder member of the Irish Council Against Blood Sports, actor John Cowley (aka Tom Riordan of ‘The Riordans’), Senator Margaret Pearse – sister of Padraic Pearse – wrote from her nursing home, aged 89, that both of her brothers, Padraic and Willie, would have been opposed to animal cruelty. Senator Pearse stated: “all bloodsports are repugnant to me and I think that they have a debasing effect on all those who take part in them”.

Out of respect for the martyrs and patriots of 1916, and for the vast majority of Irish people who oppose cruel bloodsports, we call on the Irish Army to cease their involvement in this barbaric activity.



Call on the Irish Army to prohibit animal cruelty on its property

Defence Forces Headquarters
Ceannt Barracks,
Curragh Camp,
Co Kildare
Tel: 045 45 5312
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Tweet to @defenceforces


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