Don’t host “hare coursing awards”: Appeal to Charleville Park Hotel

1 Dec
Please join us in appealing to Charleville Park Hotel in County Cork to watch the latest videos of hare coursing cruelty and cancel plans to host the “coursing awards” next April.
At the sickening event, awards are given out for “coursing greyhound of the year” and “coursing bitch of the year”.
Latest video footage shows hares being terrorised, hit and severely mauled at coursing meetings around the country.
Urge Charleville Park Hotel to show compassion for Irish wildlife and disassociate from cruel hare coursing.
Charleville Park Hotel,
Limerick Road,
Charleville, Co Cork.
Telephone +353 (0) 63 33700
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Welcome to Ireland – The land of a thousand cruelties

18 Nov
Letter to the Editor in the Irish Indpendent highlights Ireland’s animal cruelty crisis.
Welcome to Ireland – The land of a thousand cruelties
Irish Independent, 18th November 2016
The seizure of almost 100 puppies in the UK that had been illegally shipped from Ireland again focuses attention on the sickening trade in ‘designer dogs’.
Not that it surprises me in the least that Ireland has earned the reputation among animal welfare groups of being the puppy farming capital of Europe.
We have a serious credibility problem as a nation when it comes to humane treatment of animals.
Yes, we have an animal welfare act, but a badly drafted one that has proved inadequate in tackling a whole range of issues: puppy farming thrives, availing of gaping loopholes in the act; feral cats have virtually no legal protection; badgers are snared and killed openly despite their “protected” status; and the legislation specifically exempts hare coursing from prohibition.
Instead of protecting hares – gentle, inoffensive creatures – from a practice banned in many jurisdictions, it protects the “sporting interests” of coursing clubs.
Whether it’s subjecting innocent puppies to the misery of vile breeding establishments or having hares mauled, terrorised and tossed about like broken toys, we seem to excel at turning sentient beings into tortured, traumatised or dead ones in the name of fun and greed.
It’s a wonder we don’t have a special government department or semi-state agency selling our contempt for animal welfare as a tourist attraction.
The slogan could be: Welcome to Ireland – The land of a thousand cruelties.
John Fitzgerald
Callan, Co Kilkenny

Hare Preservation Trust calls for ban on cruel hare coursing

16 Nov


The UK’s Hare Preservation Trust has joined calls on Minister Heather Humphreys to stop licensing cruel hare coursing.

In a letter to the Minister this month, the Trust’s John Rimington BSc stated: “I would like to draw your attention to the true facts relating to hare coursing in Ireland, something those people who engage in this destructive activity desperately do not want you to hear. Although the dogs wear muzzles, this does not prevent the quarry hares from suffering crippling and sometimes fatal injuries caused by the vigorous buffeting, including being tossed into the air, which the hare endures when cornered by the pursuing dogs.  Broken bones and worse are inflicted by the aggressive dogs which are still trying to destroy the hare in spite of being handicapped by their muzzles.”

He went on to tell Minister Humphreys that injured hares have “no chance of being able to survive in the wild, even if subsequently set free by the event organisers” and that post-release hare deaths are not included in coursing mortality statistics.

Also highlighted was the threat to hares from “stress myopathy”. “Even if a hare appears to have escaped uninjured from the coursing event it may well subsequently die within hours or days in the wild from the little known effects of stress myopathy,” he stated. “The excessive adrenaline exertion entailed in trying to evade the relentless dogs (feared predators as far as the hare is concerned) forces lactic acid into the hare’s bloodstream causing a breakdown of body tissues, especially muscles, releasing chemicals which damage kidneys and, critically, the heart muscle. It then becomes an unpleasant and sometimes lingering death for the hare.”

“I hope that these sobering facts – and not the misleading propaganda emanating from the coursing lobby – will impress upon you that it is vital for the future survival prospects of the Irish hare that coursing is outlawed in Ireland, as it has been in the UK,” Mr Rimington added.

Find out more about the Hare Preservation Trust at

Watch the latest video evidence of hare coursing cruelty


Sign and share petitions

Ireland: Ban Cruel Hare Coursing

Save Irish hares from cruel coursing


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Tel: +353 (0)1-631 3802 or (01) 631 3800 (Heather Humphreys)
Tel: +353 (0)1-6194020 (Enda Kenny)
Tel: +353 (0)1-607 2000 (Michael Creed)

Contact all your local TDs now. Demand that they urgently push for a ban on hare coursing and all bloodsports.

Visit the Oireachtas website for names of TDs and their email addresses

Write to your TDs at: Dail Eireann, Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2. Tel: 01-618 3000 or 1890 337 889.

Toyota urged to disassociate brand from greyhound racing

11 Nov

Toyota Ireland is being urged to act to stop its brand being associated with the cruel greyhound racing industry.

The call comes after it emerged that a “Main Toyota Dealer” in Cork is sponsoring a greyhound racing event at Curraheen Park track and offering a Toyota van as a prize.

The 3-race “Grandons Toyota Open stake” event started last month, with the final race tomorrow, Saturday 12th November.

On its website, sponsor Grandons Toyota Cork states: “Grandons Toyota is delighted to welcome a new partnership with Curraheen Park Greyhound Stadium Cork, with the addition of a new 24 dog Mini Open Stake to the Cork racing calendar. The Grandons Toyota Mini Open will begin on Saturday 29th October and run over 3 weekends with the Final on Saturday 12th November. The overall winner of the competition will receive €3,500 in prizemoney.”

The company is also offering “a bonus prize of a new Toyota Proace Van” for the owner of any of the finalist dogs who break the track record.

Announcing the races, Grandons Toyota tweeted: “Proud Sponsors @CorkDogs Mini Open 525, which gets under way on 29th Oct. #Toyota #greyhoundracing #curraheen”

Promotional photos show a man in a Toyota car with a greyhound in the back seat, while another photo shows the greyhound standing next to the vehicle, wearing a jacket featuring Toyota logos.

In an email to Toyoto Ireland, ICABS stated: “We trust that given the massive international opposition to greyhound racing in Ireland, the UK, the USA, Italy, Australia and other countries, Toyota would not want to be in any way associated with this activity.”

We highlighted the cruelty inherent in the greyhound industry – deaths, injuries, greyhounds dumped and mutilated and the thousands of greyhounds who go “missing” every year because they are not fast enough to win. Also mentioned was the cruel and illegal blooding and doping of greyhounds.

Among the victims of the Irish greyhound industry are a former racing greyhound found emaciated last month with his bones protruding and infested with worms and fleas. Another dumped greyhound was discovered with her ears burned with acid (to obliterate identity tattoos) and her tail hacked off.

Toyota Ireland was also told about the shocking export of Irish greyhounds to countries with no animal protection. We pointed out that one of the greyhounds (Two Stone Tadgh) exported to a life of misery and certain death at the infamous Canidrome track in Macau earlier this year, last raced at Curraheen Park where he finished second last. The exports sparked major protests in Ireland and around the world.

According to the Greyhound Rescue Association of Ireland, greyhounds are expected to live to 14 years on average but in the greyhound industry, the lifespan is just 3-4 years. Many of these dogs are either euthanised, abandoned or end up in local authority pounds. GRAI also notes that in 2014, it was reported that there were 717 injuries to greyhounds, arising from dogs skidding and crashing on the surfaces of tracks, and that that 3-4 dogs are euthanised at each operational racing track every Saturday.


Join us in appealing to Toyota Ireland and Gandons Toyota Cork to show compassion for the dogs used and abused in the greyhound industry and disassociate from greyhound racing.

Grandons Toyota Cork
Sallybrook, Glanmire,
Co Cork


Tel: +353 (0)1 4190200 (Toyota Ireland)  /  +353 (0)21 485 8300 (Grandons Toyota Cor)

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School urged to stop using greyhound as fundraiser

10 Nov


A school in Kildare, Ireland is being urged to stop exposing pupils to the cruel greyhound industry and using a greyhound as a fundraiser.

Gaelscoil Chill Dara’s “Cu Abu” – a female greyhound – has been entered into six races since June, winning the first two and finishing just third or fourth in subsequent races.

According to the Irish Greyhound Board website Cu Abu is the school’s mascot, “providing an opportunity for learning about animal ownership and rearing, and helping the school’s fundraising efforts through prize money and a fundraising night at Newbridge Greyhound Stadium.”

The dog is sponsored by pro-coursing bus company Dublin Coach (which also has links to Cityscape Dublin Tours and Quick Park carpark near Dublin Airport – both of which offer greyhound race tickets).

In an email to school principal, Seán de Paor, ICABS stated: “Given that greyhound racing is a gambling industry which involves horrendous cruelty and killing, it is surprising that any school would deem it appropriate to expose pupils to it.”

“Are Gaelscoil Chill Dara pupils being taught about the thousands of greyhounds who go missing every year (because they are not quick enough to make money for unscrupulous owners) or the greyhounds dumped and killed when they fail to win races? Are they aware of the export of Irish greyhounds to China and other regions where no animal protection exists or the international campaigns aimed at securing a ban on greyhound racing due to the cruelty involved?”

Greyhound protection group, Pet Levrieri, has condemned the exploitation of the greyhound, saying in a statement: “All kids love a puppy but these young children would be shocked to know that their mascot could easily become one of the thousands of greyhounds injured, killed or perhaps worse exported to suffer shocking cruelty in a Chinese Canindrome – Cù Abu is lucky to get this far. Some puppies are killed in the name of ‘selective breeding’ before they even see a racetrack. Dogs who do become racers typically live in cages, often developing muzzle sores from rubbing their noses on the bars of their ‘home’.”

Among the victims of the Irish greyhound industry this year are an emaciated greyhound dumped in Tipperary with her ears burned with acid (to remove markings which would identify the owner) and the tip of her tail hacked off. Last month, an ex-racing greyhound with ribcage protruding and infested with fleas and worms was rescued in Galway. Earlier in the year, a pregnant greyhound was found brutally killed in a cemetery in Clonmel.

According to the Greyhound Rescue Association of Ireland, greyhounds are expected to live to 14 years on average but in the greyhound industry, the lifespan is just 3-4 years. Many of these dogs are either euthanised, abandoned or end up in local authority pounds. GRAI also notes that in 2014, it was reported that there were 717 injuries to greyhounds, arising from dogs skidding and crashing on the surfaces of tracks, and that that 3-4 dogs are euthanised at each operational racing track every Saturday.


Contact Gaelscoil Chill Dara and urge the school to disassociate from cruel greyhound racing and, instead of exploiting Cu Abu, allow her to retire to a loving home.

Principal Seán de Paor
Gaelscoil Chill Dara,
An Bóthar Glas,
An Currach,
Co Kildare

Phone: +353 (0)45 442300

Urge the Irish Government to stop handing out millions of euros to the greyhound industry and instead invest the money in schools and sports clubs. The greyhound industry has received nearly a quarter of a billion euro since 2001, including 16 million in Budget 2017. As long as schools are being forced to fundraise, the government should not be squandering taxpayers’ money on a gambling industry.

Please sign and share our petition

Irish Government: Stop Giving Millions of Euro to Cruel Greyhound Industry

Given the ongoing fall in attendances at tracks, it is clear that the general public has little interest in greyhound racing. Tell the Irish Government to stop wasting precious funds on this dying industry.

Michael Noonan
Minister for Finance
Telephone: +353 (0)1-6764735

An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny
Department of the Taoiseach,
Government Buildings,
Upper Merrion Street, Dublin 2
Telephone: +353 (0)1-6194020
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Michael Creed TD
Minister for Agriculture
Department of Agriculture
Agriculture House,
Kildare Street, Dublin 2.
Tel: +353 (0)1-607 2000 or LoCall 1890-200510.
Fax: +353 (0)1-661 1013.
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Andrew Doyle TD
Minister of State, Dept of Agriculture
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“Three Amigos” singer sponsors cruel hare coursing

10 Nov


Shame on Three Amigos country and western singer Jimmy Buckley for sponsoring a hare coursing meeting in Galway today.

The fixtures booklet for the Galway & Oranmore coursing meeting shows that the “Derby Trial Stake” is “kindly sponsored by Jimmy Buckley of Jumeirah Kennels”.

According a notice on the Irish Greyhound Board website, Jimmy Buckley “runs his own kennels in Athenry and runs his dogs under the Jumeirah prefix.”

In the past, Jimmy Buckley has shamelessly declared his love of cruel hare coursing and greyhound racing. He is on record as saying: “I always loved [greyhound racing]. I always loved coursing. Been following it for many years. Something you can never get away from, thankfully. It’s a great escape from the music business. It’s great. I really enjoy it. It’s great to be here in Tubbercurry [hare coursing meeting] – a great meeting altogether.”

Buckley, who says his ambition is to “conquer the English country market”, is a solo singer and is also part of the Three Amigos group which is set to tour Ireland between December and February. He has also performed alongside Cavan singer and puppy farmer Eamon Jackson.

Please share this post and alert others to Jimmy Buckley’s support and sponsorship of cruel hare coursing.


If you wish to leave feedback for Jimmy Buckley, the contact details are

Text/Phone +353 (0)87 0667711 (Ireland) or +44 (0) 1948 667 689 (UK).

Witness the cruelty of Ireland’s hare coursing at

Sign our petition
Ireland – Ban cruel hare coursing


Ireland’s cubhunting cruelty continues

3 Nov


Some of Ireland’s worst animal cruelty is currently taking place in the early hours of the morning in the depths of the countryside.

In the run-up to the start of another season of foxhunting, cruel hunters are taking their inexperienced hounds to fox earths to introduce them to the taste of fox blood.

Their merciless assault on our wildlife sees them surrounding the earths and flushing the resident foxes out into the open. The hunters then goad their hounds into attacking and killing the cubs. The youngsters are mauled, bitten and pulled apart by the hounds as part of a gruesome training exercise.

To do this to a living creature should be illegal in Ireland but our legislators have shamefully refused to ban foxhunting. They voted to ensure that an exemption for the bloodsport remained in the Animal Welfare Act and they rejected a proposed amendment which sought to make foxhunting an offence.

Cub hunting brutality is carried out not only to train foxhounds to kill but also to disperse foxes – parents and siblings of slaughtered cubs are scattered so that their wider distribution will later provide a larger hunting area.

The hunters like to refer to their barbarity as ‘Autumn hunting’ but their euphemism doesn’t disguise the fact that it’s one of Ireland’s nastiest acts of cruelty.

Please take action to help stop the cruelty. Respond now to the action alerts below.


Keep hunters off your land

If you are a landowner, make your land off-limits to hunters. Find out more about how to do this on our Farmers/Landowners Page –

Encourage all land-owning friends and family members in the countryside to show compassion and make their land a haven for wildlife. If hunters are denied access to land, the wildlife will be spared the suffering of cubhunting and foxhunting.

If trespass occurs, contact the Gardai. Obtain photo/video evidence whenever possible.

Contact the Agriculture Minister now and demand that the exemption for foxhunting is removed from the Animal Health and Welfare Bill 2012.

Michael Creed TD
Minister for Agriculture
Department of Agriculture
Agriculture House,
Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

Tel: 01-607 2000 or LoCall 1890-200510.
Fax: 01-661 1013.
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 Contact the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny and Tanaiste (Deputy Prime Minister) Frances Fitzgerald and urge them to ban fox hunting.

An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny
Department of the Taoiseach,
Government Buildings,
Upper Merrion Street,
Dublin 2
Telephone: 01-6194020
Tweet to: @EndaKennyTD

An Tanaiste, Frances Fitzgerald
Department Of Justice
51 St. Stephen’s Green
Dublin 2.
Tel: +353 1 602-8202 or +353 1 457 7712
Tweet to: @FitzgeraldFrncs

Appeal to all Irish politicians

Please join us in telling the Irish Government that it is now time to replace foxhunting with the humane alternative – drag hunting.

Drag hunting sees the hounds chasing an artificial lure instead of a live animal. This form of “hunting” is already practised successfully by a few groups in Ireland. In a modern and civilised country like Ireland, there should be no place for foxhunting, particularly when a transition to drag hunting would be simple.

Please contact all your local politicians and ask them to express their opposition to this blood sport. Encourage your friends, family and workmates to contact them too.

Visit the Oireachtas website for names of TDs and their email addresses

Write to your TDs at: Dail Eireann, Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2. Tel: 01-618 3000 or 1890 337 889.

The cubhunting horror “I will never forget”

An ICABS supporter in Limerick recalls the horrors he witnessed at a cubhunt over 40 years ago. Shockingly, Irish foxes continue to suffer the same barbarism in 2016.

When I was a boy of 5 years old, I was taken to a cubbing. Even today, 43 years later, I can clearly recall the event.

The excitement of the men present. There were no women. The terror of the foxcubs. The frenzy of the dogs. The noise of the kill. Afterwards the mangled remains of the cubs, the entrails, the blood. Afterwards the shame of my father that he had attended this and worse, had brought his child to it. Even worse, it was on our farm. When my mother found out she was blind with rage. Blind with rage.

Many of those men are still alive. I remember one of them. He used foul language to one of the dogs because the dog was a coward. He only tore the cub when it was dead. He was afraid of being bitten while it was alive. When the show was over, the man took the dog away to kill it. He tied it to a stake. He was going to hit it with the spade that he had used to dig out the cubs.

My father stopped him and we got the dog as a pet. He was a little black and brown terrier called Tiny.

I will never forget. I will never forget.