Hare coursers intimidated and threatened ICABS observer

7 Jan

millstreet park2

Hare coursers intimidated and threatened an Irish Council Against Blood Sports observer who was videoing hares being used as live bait for greyhounds on the GAA pitch right next to Millstreet Town Park, Co. Cork, yesterday.

The coursers claimed that they had jurisdiction over the public park, and that filming their cruel animal abuse was prohibited. The Gardai were called to the scene, and they confirmed that photography was indeed permissible in a public place, but the coursers insisted that the Gardai were wrong, and continued to harass and prevent the ICABS observer from filming.

Hare coursers clearly don’t want evidence of their barbarity publicised, and will resort to intimidation, thuggery and violence. ICABS observers have been assaulted, had a camera snatched, and last October, a balaclava-clad thug tried to sieze a camera as we were filming from the public road a distance from a coursing meeting at Ballinagar, Co. Offaly.

“Hare coursing taking place in any venue in this country in this day and age is absolutely shocking, but to see timid, defenceless hares running for their lives in front of greyhounds on a GAA pitch is shameful,” said Aideen Yourell, spokesperson, Irish Council Against Blood Sports, who added that obviously the Millstreet GAA condone and endorse this animal abuse, which send out a dreadful message to its members, players and supporters.


Please join us in a fresh appeal to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and the Irish Government to put in place a permanent ban on hare coursing.

Email “Stop the cruelty – Ban hare coursing NOW” to taoiseach@taoiseach.gov.ie, leo.varadkar@oireachtas.ie, frances.fitzgerald@oir.ie

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Contact Minister Josepha Madigan and the National Parks and Wildlife Service and demand an immediate withdrawal of the current coursing licence.

Josepha Madigan TD
Minister for Culture, Heritage & the Gaeltacht
Phone: +353 (0)1 631 3800
Email: josepha.madigan@oireachtas.ie, ministers.office@ahg.gov.ie, wildlifelicence@ahg.gov.ie, Gerry.Leckey@ahg.gov.ie
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Contact your local TDs and urge them to back a ban on hare coursing. Visit the Oireachtas website for names of TDs and their email addresses http://www.oireachtas.ie/members-hist/default.asp?housetype=0&HouseNum=32&disp=mem

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Vet Council “would not take issue with” vet sponsoring greyhound racing

6 Jan

The Veterinary Council of Ireland has said that it “would not take issue with” a vet who is sponsoring greyhound racing at one of the country’s worst tracks for dog injuries.

ICABS recently brought to the Vet Council’s attention a veterinary clinic that is sponsoring greyhound races in Dundalk and Lifford.

Ancu Veterinary Clinic, with offices in Dundalk, Dublin and Newry, is listed on the Irish Greyhound Board website as the sponsor of several races, including the “An Cú Veterinary A3 525 Final” in December with prizes totally nearly €4,000.

In our correspondence to the Veterinary Council, we pointed to shocking Irish Greyhound Board statistics showing that in the first 10 months of this year – 283 greyhounds were injured at tracks around Ireland, with 96 destroyed. Among the worst tracks in the country for injuries is the Dundalk track where 40 dogs suffered injuries and 9 were destroyed – see http://www.banbloodsports.com/ln171130.htm

Do you consider it appropriate for a veterinary clinic to sponsor an activity in which animals suffer and are killed? That’s the question we put to the Veterinary Council of Ireland.

Their response was: “The Council would not take issue with a veterinary practitioner sponsoring an event as long as it complies with the Code of Standards for Advertising, Promotional and Direct Marketing, which is enforced by the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland http://www.asai.ie/asai-code/ and does not bring the veterinary profession into disrepute. The activities mentioned in your email are legal in the State and the Council does not restrict registered persons from participating in any legal activity.”

If you agree with us that vets should not be sponsoring greyhound racing, please join us in contacting the Veterinary Council now.

Aideen Neylon,
Professional Standards Manager
Veterinary Council of Ireland
53 Lansdowne Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin
Telephone: +353 (0)1 668 4402
Email: Aideen.Neylon@vci.ie, info@vci.ie

Contact Ancu Veterinary Clinic and ask them to stop sponsoring greyhound racing.

Ancu Veterinary Clinic
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Blackrock, Louth, Ireland
Tel: +353 (0)42 932 1915
Email: ancuvets@btconnect.com
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Cara Projects reject greyhound track fundraising

5 Jan

A big thank you to Cara Projects for becoming the latest charity to reject greyhound track fundraising.

The Irish charity, which provides support to disadvantaged mothers and children in Kenya, has told the Irish Council Against Blood Sports that it will be asking its volunteers not to organise fundraisers at greyhound tracks.

The charity was responding to an ICABS appeal prompted by a recent greyhound track fundraiser which was held to raise money for local Cara volunteers. In our appeal, we highlighted the cruelty inherent in the greyhound industry.

Stressing that Cara “do not organise any functions at greyhound tracks” and that the fundraiser in question was independently organised by a volunteer, a spokesperson for Cara Projects commented: “We will ask at the next meeting of all volunteers in early January that this method of fundraising would not be used by volunteers in future.”

We are very grateful to Cara Projects for this compassionate response.

To find out more about Cara Projects and how you can help, please visit https://caraprojects.com/

Fox brutally attacked and killed in Cork garden

28 Dec

A fox brutally savaged to death in a Cork housing estate the day after Christmas is one of the latest victims of Ireland’s cruel foxhunting.

Horrific photos posted online [https://www.facebook.com/vikki.fauna.5205/posts/730361850487197] show the remains of the unfortunate creature after he was cornered in a garden and attacked by a pack of hounds during a St Stephen’s Day hunt.

The attack was witnessed by a family who were left in shock after seeing the defenceless animal killed in their front garden.

“I’m absolutely horrified, shaking with shock,” witness Niamh stated. “About 30-40 hunt dogs have come into the estate here in Macroom and ripped apart a fox in my garden. My family watched this needless cruelty, and are extremely upset. Almost 15 minutes later, 3 jeeps full of scumbags were at the entrance of the estate. Of course I took off out to them. The ignorant prick in the gold jeep drove at me. They want the fox, but they can f*** off, and if they set foot on my property they will be sorry.”

There should be no place in modern Ireland for foxhunting. A ban on this cruel and barbaric bloodsport is long overdue here. In foxhunting, foxes are chased to exhaustion and attacked/torn apart when caught by the pack of dogs. Foxes who try to escape underground are dug out and thrown to the pack to be killed.

Please join us as we renew our appeal to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Agriculture Minister Michael Creed (a native of Macroom who has responsibility for animal welfare legislation) to ban foxhunting and all bloodsports.

An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar
Department of the Taoiseach,
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Michael Creed TD
Minister for Agriculture
Department of Agriculture
Agriculture House,
Kildare Street, Dublin 2.
Email: michael.creed@oir.ie
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Seagull senator sponsoring cruel greyhound industry

21 Dec

The dying greyhound industry has attracted support from a Fianna Fail politician who ridiculously claimed in 2015 that seagulls are “endangering society”.

At a recent greyhound race in Cork’s Curraheen Park track, Senator Denis O’Donovan was listed as a sponsor of the “Mc Nulty Cabs & Senator Denis O Donovan 550” race. Senator O’Donovan is shamefully supporting the greyhound industry, despite ongoing revelations about injuries, doping, dumping and killing of dogs.

In the past, the Cork politician – who is currently the Leas-Chathaoirleach of Seanad Éireann – has expressed support for hare coursers and gun club members – see quotes below…

Senator Denis O’Donovan (Fianna Fail): “Members are now witnessing over-regulation in the greyhound industry at the coursing level or otherwise. I must confess that I have never attended a coursing meeting in my life. The amendment tabled by Fine Gael seeks to address such over-regulation.” Dog Breeding Establishments Bill 2009: Report and Final Stages. Note: This amendment was declared lost.

Senator Denis O’Donovan is in the doghouse after voting against the Government on the proposed “Dog Breeding Establishments Bill”. In the Seanad on Wednesday, June 16 last, Senator O’Donovan said he ‘took a stand for rural Ireland’ and opposed the Bill, which was introduced by the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Mr John Gormley. After meeting more than 150 people involved in coursing and gun clubs, who have expressed concerns about over-regulation and the number of litters a breeding bitch can have in a two-year period, Senator O’Donovan decided to oppose it on the basis that some amendments were needed. From Denis in the Doghouse, Southern Star, 26 June 2010.

“Irish senator Denis O’Donovan has demanded a cull of the ‘vicious’ seabirds [seagulls]. Because of fish shortages in the sea, the winged scavengers have taken to ‘invading’ towns and villages, where they ‘attack’ children’s fish and chips, the parliamentarian said. ‘I think it is coming to the stage where they are endangering society,’ he told the Seanad, the upper house of parliament in Dublin. Mr O’Donovan insisted it was a ‘serious enough issue’ and has called for the Dublin parliament to have a debate on dangerous seagulls after the summer recess.” Irish Independent, July 20 2015.


Contact Senator O’Donovan about his support for cruel hare coursing and greyhound racing.

Senator Denis O’Donovan
Seanad Éireann, Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2.
Tel: 01-6183079 / 087-2543806
Email: denis.odonovan@oireachtas.ie

Irish greyhound industry “on the brink of extinction”

21 Dec

The Irish greyhound industry is now “on the brink of extinction”. That’s according to the vice chairman of the Irish Greyhound Owners and Breeders Federation (IGOBF).

In a message posted on the GreyhoundData website, Anthony Walsh said “I am vice chairman of the Greyhound Federation and I have been involved in greyhound racing for a long number of years and if you read the IGOBF website you can see all that we have been trying to do to save this industry, which as we all know is on the brink of extinction. We have virtually achieved nothing.”

Last December, Senator Brian Ó Domhnaill (nominated to Seanad Eireann by the Irish Greyhound Owners and Breeders Federation) similarly signalled the end of the greyhound racing, calling for action “to save the future of this great industry from its near collapse position at the moment.”

The Evening Echo’s greyhound racing correspondent recently provided a damning insight into the state of greyhound racing in County Cork. In a series of tweets, Barry Drake commented that greyhound racing “has a rotten image” and is “in serious trouble”.

After attending greyhound racing in Cork’s Curraheen Park track, he tweeted “Shocking crowds, poor tote-pools, zero atmosphere, game in serious trouble. Something needs to be done quickly!”

In September, we reported that the Curraheen Park track cancelled racing on Thursdays. The fall in interest in racing at Curraheen Park has previously been highlighted by the Evening Echo newspaper. A report in March outlined that “due to a lack of entries”, a race at the track had to be delayed by a week “in the hope that extra entries materialise”. A track manager was quoted as saying: “It is disappointing that such an event has failed to fill”.

This week, the greyhound track in Clonmel was scheduled to hold an “important meeting” to discuss the future of the track.

Earlier this year, the privately-owned Longford greyhound track apparently came close to closure, saved only after a fundraising drive and continued cash injections of over €40,000 from the Irish Greyhound Board.

In another sign that greyhound racing is in decline, a race shamefully sponsored by Red Mills had to be “deferred by a week” due to what was described as a “shortage of entries”.

“Personality of the year” award for fined greyhound trainer

21 Dec

A greyhound trainer fined after a greyhound tested positive for a prohibited substance has been awarded “Irish Greyhound Review Personality of the Year”.

Paul Hennessy was fined €200 in February when a urine sample taken from “Tailteann Ace” at Shelbourne Park track “returned an adverse analytical finding for the prohibited substance Hydroxylated Metabolite of Pentobarbital.”

Hennessy was presented with the “Personality of the Year” award by Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture Andrew Doyle, alongside Irish Greyhound Board Chairman Phil Meaney and IGB CEO Gerard Dollard – see photo at https://www.igb.ie/talking-dogs/hennessy-the-personality-of-the-year/ A report on the Irish Greyhound Board website notes that the award is the third time that Hennessy has been “honoured” as the personality of the year but, not surprisingly, there is no reference to the adverse analytical finding or fine.

Last year’s winner of the “Personality of the Year” award was Graham Holland – the trainer whose dog Clonbrien Hero tested positive for cocaine during the summer.

In imposing the latest fine to Paul Hennessy, the Irish Greyhound Board Control Committee noted “Mr Hennessy’s previous offence before the Control Committee”.

As reported by the Irish Independent in 2007, Hennessy – described as one of Ireland’s most successful trainers – was “fined more than €4,000 for possession of performance-enhancing drugs” after he “pleaded guilty to seven sample counts of possession of unauthorised animal remedies at the District Court in Kilkenny.”

The same year, the Independent highlighted that “a greyhound which failed a drugs test in England has been nominated for Ireland’s ‘Greyhound of the Year’ awards by a Bord na gCon judging panel. Trained by Paul Hennessy, Heart Rumble tested positive for the banned steroid nandrolone when running in a puppy event at Sunderland.”

The year before, the Irish Examiner reported that “Kilkenny-based Mr Hennessy was fined €1,000 by greyhound racing’s control board in November for running a dog, Barefoot Jenny, which had been given the banned substance EPO.”


“A greyhound which failed a drugs test in England has been nominated for Ireland’s ‘Greyhound of the Year’ awards by a Bord na gCon judging panel. Trained by Paul Hennessy, Heart Rumble tested positive for the banned steroid nandrolone when running in a puppy event at Sunderland.” (Dog that failed drug test up for Bord award, Irish Independent, April 3rd, 2007)

A top millionaire greyhound trainer has been fined more than €4,000 for possession of performance-enhancing drugs. Paul Hennessy, of Rathbaun, Garryduff, Gowran, Co Kilkenny, is one of Ireland’s most successful trainers and earned €2.6m from the sport in the past six years. Yesterday, he pleaded guilty to seven sample counts of possession of unauthorised animal remedies at the District Court in Kilkenny. He had bought the drugs from an Australian internet site called Nature Vet. The substances were seized at the top trainer’s premises in Gowran, when it was visited by a Special Investigation Unit of the Department of Agriculture on April 28, 2005. (Top greyhound trainer fined for drugs haul, Irish Independent, February 6 2007)

Kilkenny-based Mr Hennessy was fined €1,000 by greyhound racing’s control board in November for running a dog, Barefoot Jenny, which had been given the banned substance EPO. The case was never publicised by the Irish Greyhound Board. This prompted its chief executive, Aidan Tynan, to last week complain to the Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism that the board’s chairman, Paschal Taggart, had ensured that the drug abuse case was not put in the public domain, contrary to established policy. Mr Tynan was fired on Thursday by the board. (Irish Examiner, 28 January 2006)